The Safe way to Tan this Summer

Spray tanning is a great way to enjoy the feel-good effects of a summer tan without the risk of skin cancer, or prematurely aging skin. 

And spray tan solutions have come a long way in the last few years.  We all know of someone who can detail a spray tan horror story, but those days should be well and truly over if you follow some of Bare Waxing’s simple spray tanning tips:

1. Make sure your therapist is experienced in spray tan application.  Practice makes perfect – and there is definitely an art to ensuring your tan is applied evenly, and at the right depth and colour to ensure a natural glow.  When booking, don't be afraid to ask your salon how many spray tans they do and what experience the therapist has.   They should also be able to advise on the best timing for your tan – especially important if it’s for a big event.

2. Not all Spray Tan solutions are created equally.  With so many spray tan brands to choose from, how do you know which ones are the best?  Most spray tan solutions use an active ingredient called DHA (dihydroxyacetone – it’s the same ingredient in your at-home self tanning products).  The better quality solutions will use an organic version of this ingredient, will be odour-free, and won’t contain alcohol (which is drying to the skin) or any nasty parabens.  Great spray tan solutions will also include the botanical Erythrulose (a natural based keto-sugar) which interacts with the outer layer of the skin to give a longer lasting tan. 

3. Look for a salon that makes you feel comfortable.  Getting nearly nude in front of a stranger can be daunting.  A good salon should put you at ease and offer you a choice of disposable underwear. 

4. Preparing for your spray tan.  Ensuring your skin is well hydrated ahead of time and also giving yourself a once over with an exfoliating brush or gloves the night before will ensure your body is in the best condition for the spray tan to be applied.

5. Spray Tan after-care. 
 How you take care of your tan once you leave the salon will have a significant impact on how long it lasts – this means daily moisturising to keep your skin well hydrated.

Finally, a spray tan does not offer any sun protection, so it’s really important that you apply a sunscreen if heading out in the sunshine to show off that gorgeous glow.  Click here for more tips and information on Bare Waxing & Skin Centre’s Naked Tan as well as real-life client before and after photos:

Bare Waxing and Skin Care Centre is one of Auckland’s Brazilian waxing and grooming specialists with highly trained experienced staff.  They also offer spray tanning, eyebrow threading, Dermalogica skin treatments & products, make-up application, manicures, pedicures and more.  To find out more about Bare Waxing, visit

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  • Wice says
    Sorry to be the harginger of bad news, but the latest studies state that ...

    "...spray tanning mists release compounds of DHA (the skin-tone-changing chemical that gives you your faux glow) which, once absorbed into the lungs, can “promote the development of cancers or malignancies."

    See more at

  • Mellow says
    The ideal tan is slow progressive time. This being time spent being very cautious of the effects of the sun. Otherwise to become too red, peeling, and dry skin is not choice.
  • Karla says
    I have to say am not sure what the obsession is with tanning. Having very fair skin and allergic skin I have just accepted that I am pale. I agree with th aove in that some of the info coming out is that spray on tan is not great for one point we thought sun beds were a great idea too. I think more needs to be done to change the attitude.
  • mahmmatesrulez says
    I am basically against spray tanning etc because to me its not the natural way to go. I have always being the type to splash on some sunblock and go outside on a beautiful summer day and spend a majority of the day outside and I have always got a great tan that way.
  • ClaireElizabeth says
    Yes I thought our obsession with dark tanning had long gone. Spray tans reminds me of the Jersey Shore look. Although i like to have a slight colour on my arms and legs, it is done slowly, carefully and naturally and i get some Vitamin D from being in the sun. I always told my friend it was a bad idea to use the sunbed and I'm thinking this spray can't be good for you as pores will absorb whatever is in it.
  • teabag says
    I was interested to see what fellow poster "Wice" had to say....

    I usually lather on the fake tan moisturiser to give my tanning a kick start in early summer....but this year I am a bit hesitant of using the fake tans as I am breastfeeding, and concerned about the chemicals it may put into my milk.
  • nzmonstar says
    Safe and sun don't really go together but at least people are a lot smarter than in the past
  • Twitteratti says
    Excellent article. Thanks for the tips - always good to find ways of lengthening time a spray tan lasts. I LOVE the odd spray tan for a special occasion. Too expensive for anything regular, but I wouldn't holiday overseas without spray-tanning first - gives that 'holiday glow'. And I don't know any spray-tan salon that does a dark spray without skin that can handle it - most go for quite a light glow look. To each their own. Feck... what DOESN'T supposedly cause cancer these days?
  • Claire1971 says
    I agree with Karla - I cannot understand the obsession with tanning. A light, natural tan, acquired gradually without burning looks good and makes you feel healthy. But the all over 'orange' look makes me cringe.
  • alfret says
    I've never been much of a spray-tanner because I had an awful experience my first time - think walking carrot - but these tips might help me try again. Thanks!

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