Taming Thick Hair

Tammy AugostinClairol Professional’s National Educator, chats about how you can make the most of your thick hair, without the daily struggle!

12/365.My hair is so thick my hair ties break, and if my hair is down, the moment the wind blows all I can see is hair! I can’t do anything with it, and any hair products just seem to be eaten up by my hair. What can I do to tame it?

- Having the correct cut and using deep conditioning products can help considerably to tame unmanageable thick hair and have it appearing noticeably thinner. In particular, I would suggest:

- Getting the right cut – keeping your hair long can help to add weight to make your hair sit flatter instead of expanding outwards. You can also ask your hairdresser to cut layers to result in a finer look 

- Using a straightening iron to style your hair – heat tools works to flatten and smooth each cuticle helping to reduce the bulk out of your look. 

- Use a taming shampoo and conditioning duo that smooths and de-frizzes thick hair..

What is the best hair cut for long, thick hair?

Long hair is definitely the best option for a thick mane as the added weight will assist in having your style sit better. In terms of a cut – well placed layers can help in adding shape and movement to thick long hair that can often feel heavy and block like.

Can I go short with thick hair? I’m worried it will turn into a poofy bob around my head.

Yes! You absolutely can go short with thick hair – however before you commit to the chop be aware that a shorter style will require a greater investment of time for styling as opposed to when hair is long.

I don’t have time to spend hours straightening my hair, but it’s so thick that’s how long it takes. Are there any tips and tricks you can give me to help speed up the process?

Using a smoothing treatment pre and post straightening will help to maintain your style for longer and aid in reducing styling time.

I have so much hair that every morning is a mission to get the knots out. Is there anything I can do at night that will prevent this?

Plaiting your hair before you go to sleep at night along with a leave in detangling treatment will help to keep knots out of your hair, while also imparting your hair with an effortless wave when you wake up. 

Are there any types of products that I can use on thick hair? 

For thick hair, it’s best to use smoothing and de-frizzing products to tame those locks, like Clairol Professional’s Sleek and Smoother range. 

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  • mahmmatesrulez says
    Scharzkopf products seem to be good for thick hair so ive noticed.
  • Andypandy says
    I had my daughter's hair cut recently. Her hair was very thick and long and straight. Her new haircut has resulted in loose curls. Much easier to manage and almost always knot free now.
  • Sam says
    This is great advice. I have extremely thick hair that is hard to manage I had never thought that growing it out might help it to become more manegeable
  • Louise says
    I have very thick hair, when I had short hair it always looked too bouffant and ridiculous, ironically I needed more product then than I do now! I have it thinned with thinning scissors, below my shoulders and make sure I comb it well before washing so that I when it dries it stays in ringlets and doesn't go frizzy, and smooth a few drops of serum or kerastase olio relax into the ends.
  • Stephanie says
    Great tips! I will definitely be trying these :-)
  • Lana4 says
    I have thick hair and at a certain length a huge ,stron wave occurs on just one side.I find getting my hair thinned out and using heaps of agood conditioner really helps.I keep the straightener on hand too.Funny how some have thin hair and others too much I guess we all have problems at opposite ends of the scale.
  • Foreverme says
    I have really thick hair and try to wash it every few days.Which has really been helping my hair.
    I have also been using KERASTASE resistance shampoo and conditioner followed by Ciment Thermique which is a heat activated milk basically protects the hair from your hairdryer and straighteners and it has really helped my hair.I can really recommend this product to help.
  • CoolMe says
    Great advice! It is so hard to tame thick hair and get the best haircut for it.
  • miss-miesje says
    My hair was thick,the best way to get it easier to manage is to head to the hairdresser and get them to put some layers through it using a razor it thins it out alot yet you can still keep your hair as long as you want.
  • ClaireElizabeth says
    I too have the extremely thick hair problem. Hairdressers look with dispair when I visit as so many don't know how to cut it without it ending up boofy. It usually takes a couple of visits for a hairdresser to get to know how to cut my hair but just when I get a good cut either I move or the hairdresser does and I have to start again. So many times I've had a bad cut that I just regrow it long and tie it back. Layers can work but if done wrong they can add to the boofy problem. I don't like straightening my hair but it is the only way to get it to behave when I really want it to look nice.

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