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  • Win a Navman MY650 or MY600 GPS

    Last post: saffy on 31.08.15 at 18:29

    Dad's shortcuts are never ever that. We have traversed mountain ranges, followed other cars in the belief that they knew where they were going-but oh no we would never stop to ask at the local garage for directions or even check a map. So therefore a Navman would let him keep his sense of self esteem intact as he'd only have to ask the Navman and no more shortcuts ony to arrive a couple of hours late! Read more about Win a Navman MY650 or MY600 GPS

  • Win Mother's Day Anti-Ageing Pack with La Mav

    Last post: saffy on 05.05.15 at 10:41

    An awesome prize which is made of natural products which my Mum would love as she is young at heart but looks after her skin so she looks younger than she is. Read more about Win Mother's Day Anti-Ageing Pack with La Mav

  • HAIR and COLOR

    Last post: saffy on 05.05.15 at 10:39

    Of that we should be all young with thick, beautiful long hair or luscious naturally coloured locks. Society certainly seems to traget those whose hair is going grey as they it is not beautiful or sexy or attractive. I recently met an olderwoman who instead of turing grey changed her hair to bright blue to make a statement. It looked beautiful and it was permanent. Grey is beautiful as well and it shouldn't mean that you are now in dementia zone as grey hair can start very early in life. I do wonder however about all the chemicals we pour onto ourselves and what the long term effect is on our bodies. I love the comment made by Gscas about to heck with what others' think. I agree as well. No matter what your hair colour, it is what you feel inside that counts ultimately. Read more about HAIR and COLOR

  • Win A Pack Of The New Tim Tam By Adriano Zumbo

    Last post: saffy on 24.03.15 at 09:54

    These are seriously good having tried them. One packet is not enough! Read more about Win A Pack Of The New Tim Tam By Adriano Zumbo

  • Role Playing as part of sex

    Last post: saffy on 24.03.15 at 09:53

    I read research rescently that said that over 70 % of respondents in the research had done some form of role playing as aprt of their sex lives. Is this a big thing in NZ? Are women or men more into it? What do you think? Read more about Role Playing as part of sex

  • D.I.Y - Being self reliant.

    Last post: saffy on 16.09.14 at 15:21

    I have realised that because I was never shown how to do things doesn't mean that my daughter should not learn. I realised my mistake when i said to my husband the other day about showing our son how to do things-I totally didn't ask for him to show my daughter how to use the tools. So Maybe I should be learning as well! So to all mothers out there make sure your daughters get those DYI skills as well as your sons. Read more about D.I.Y - Being self reliant.

  • Remington Smooth & Silky Easy EPILATOR!

    Last post: saffy on 20.07.14 at 20:14

    The question is why do we feel that we have to shave our bodies at all? I am not advocating for or against this practice but I did read an article recently that said woman should love the hair on their bodies-basically embrace it. At times I question why I shave_ is it because it makes me feel better abput myself or is it because I worry what others will think if they see my unshaven legs or excess facial hair. In a perfect world no-body would probably blink an eyelid at unshaven women but the pressure is on all of us to shave I think including me so a shaver would be great to have as for me it makes my skin feel so smooth which I love. Read more about Remington Smooth & Silky Easy EPILATOR!

  • Wine - A curse, or a cure.

    Last post: saffy on 10.02.14 at 16:54

    My partner and I have found the 275ml bottle of wine perfect to have with a meal rather than opening a 750ml bottle and feeling like we have to drink it all in one evening. The small bottle may cost a little bit more but it helps with moderation and therefore less weight gain and less harm to my liver! With varying size wine glasses it is quite hard to measure how much wine you are drinking so a small bottle is perfect. Read more about Wine - A curse, or a cure.

  • Win One Mixed Case Of Addmore Elderflower Drink valued at $77

    Last post: saffy on 10.02.14 at 16:49

    A friend gave us a bottle for Christmas last year and it was delicious. Read more about Win One Mixed Case Of Addmore Elderflower Drink valued at $77

  • Current movie recommendations (or not)... "12 Years a Slave"

    Last post: saffy on 10.02.14 at 16:48

    I have just finished reading another autobiographical story told by a slave and realised just how much my brain had glossed over the brutal parts in the book as compared to the visual brutality in 12 years a Slave. In no way did I feel that the violence shown is gratuitous as is often the case in Hollywood movies but this is certainly one film I cannot watch again although it is superbly directed with incredible performances by the actors. However what the movie did make me realise was that many of these scenes are still repeating themselves around the world. There are still numerous woman and children in slavery who are abused on a daily basis who have no rights and are not treated as human beings. In the 21st century the slave trade is still going on. What are we doing about it? Read more about Current movie recommendations (or not)... "12 Years a Slave"

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