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  • Chicken Shish Kabobs

    Last post: Moz za on 17.09.12 at 15:33

    And perfect to quickly cook up, pop into a container and head off to the park on a warm summers evening for a picnic dinner. We do this often in summer and our dinner choices are similar to this recipe above - with a pasta salad and watermelon slices it's all we need. And work it all off kicking a ball around afterwards. Gotta love summer! Read more about Chicken Shish Kabobs

  • Win a Goldair Summer BBQ kit

    Last post: Moz za on 17.09.12 at 15:21

    My husband has the bbq but not the tools. If I was lucky enough to win this prize he'd be so enthused about bbq cooking I may never need to cook another dinner again! Read more about Win a Goldair Summer BBQ kit

  • Spring Dresses: The latest dresses for spring

    Last post: Moz za on 10.09.12 at 16:42

    I love how affordable it is to look beautifully feminine and how you don't need to break the bank to look stunning. What a fab display of gorgeous designs to inspire me this Spring! Read more about Spring Dresses: The latest dresses for spring

  • Shaggy or Shaven? Vote and Win a Philips Multigroom Shaver

    Last post: Moz za on 07.11.11 at 07:14

    the guy with the wirey ginger beard that comes so far up up his face there's only about a centimetre of skin on each cheek exposed - lol - and those matching eyebrows are equally impressive! Read more about Shaggy or Shaven? Vote and Win a Philips Multigroom Shaver

  • Beach Wedding Favors

    Last post: Moz za on 21.06.11 at 10:14

    On this theme, I have also seen the most stunning dessert served up in a scallop shell. It was a little chocolate mousse with some peaches and lychees and it tasted as good as it looked. What a great theme and so very Kiwi! Read more about Beach Wedding Favors

  • Places in Paris Where to Romance Your Love

    Last post: Moz za on 21.06.11 at 10:08

    What a delightful article! And I love the writers advise to "look up" - how true, especially when visiting these stunning old cities with centuries of history. Here in NZ we have our own style and unique architecture but in Europe it's quite something else! It's the fact that it's so incredibly ancient that really sets it apart I think. Read more about Places in Paris Where to Romance Your Love

  • What NOT to take

    Last post: Moz za on 21.06.11 at 10:00

    Many years ago I travelled extensively. While in London we'd visit the laundromat with our dirty clothes in a backpack and the measured dose of washing powder in a plastic bag popped into a side pocket. I used this backback as my hand luggage on my flight returning home to NZ and had forgotten to remove the plastic bag containing the white powdery remnants of the washing powder! After customs discovered this dogdy looking bag we were holed up for a few hours while every piece of our luggage was painstakingly scrutinized and tested. So my own personal advice is to be thorough and try not to overlook the obvious!!! Read more about What NOT to take

  • Chocolate Tacos

    Last post: Moz za on 25.05.11 at 06:34

    At first it sounds kinda weird but I think I'd love it as I have such an incredible sweet tooth. This reminds me of the first time my chocolate palate was expanded and that was after the movie Chocolat came out (starring Johnny Depp - drizzle a little chocolate over him and he'd be even more perfect!!!). Suddenly everywhere there was chilli-chocolate this and chilli-chocolate that and it was good! So yes I'm sure I'd quite like this dish and there really is only one way to find out - have Johnny Depp whip up a batch of it for me. Or my husband ;o) Read more about Chocolate Tacos

  • Tackling Welfare

    Last post: Moz za on 22.05.11 at 22:22

    I believe it's simply far too easy for long term beneficiaries to remain on a benefit and too easy to become accustomed to the lifestyle and the amount of money coming in per week. The number of those on benefits is so large that, like most things, they go unnoticed, it's too out of control. And what a shame, there has to be hundreds and hundreds of exceptional people stuck in that rut who could be amazing contributing members of the workforce. I really do think that those who have been on the dole for a long time should be expected to volunteer and contribute to society in some small way at least. Read more about Tackling Welfare

  • Bailey's Shake

    Last post: Moz za on 12.05.11 at 06:21

    Thought I should add that I'm looking at the picture above nearly drooling - I haven't just gone and actually whipped myself up one hahaha! Not yet anyway... Read more about Bailey's Shake

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