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I am a proud mum of two beautiful boys.

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  • Apple Juice Up giveaway

    Last post: harksgal on 25.08.13 at 18:23

    Nectarine is a family favourite for sure. I love fresh up but haven't tried this yet. Read more about Apple Juice Up giveaway

  • Gym Classes

    Last post: harksgal on 25.08.13 at 18:19

    The awesome thing about gyms is that no one looks at you like omg look at her. Everyone starts somewhere. I have been going to the gym for over two years now. I'm completely addicted. I have been there where I am new at a class and I sure used to be uncoordinated at Zumba but I stuck it out and I slowly picked up the moves. Now I see newbies coming in and I think good on them. Even today I still do classes for the first time as they always come up with newer and more exciting classes. I love booty blast. It's a class that is mostly done on a mat on the floor and it targets the buttocks and core. I also find Kick butt cardio a good one as it burns a lot of calories and it rather easy to follow. When I was new to the classes I would stick to the back so I could hide if I was unco and now I find myself more confident to go up the front. Don't give up. You will eventually find that you will be at the top :) hope this helps Read more about Gym Classes

  • Queen new Range Giveaway

    Last post: harksgal on 25.08.13 at 18:11

    Would love to win. Love seeing the excitement on my kids and hubby's faces when I bake. Read more about Queen new Range Giveaway

  • Allens Lollies

    Last post: harksgal on 16.07.13 at 16:12

    I LOVE ALLENS LOLLIES, HOPE TO WIN SOME, YUMMY :) Read more about Allens Lollies

  • Win with ALLEN'S Lollies

    Last post: harksgal on 16.07.13 at 16:11

    WOULD LOVE TO WIN FOR MY SON :) Read more about Win with ALLEN'S Lollies

  • Win a LELO GiGi

    Last post: harksgal on 16.07.13 at 16:09


    Read more about Win a LELO GiGi

  • Ava Sheepskin Boot Competition

    Last post: harksgal on 19.06.13 at 13:05

    I would love a pair of proper sheepskin boots. I've only ever had the cheapie ones from number one shoes and unfortunately they don't last long. Even glueing the soles down doesn't stop them from lifting. You definitely pay for quality. Here in Taupo you really need snuggly boots. They look amazing with skinny jeans and can dress up or down. :) Read more about Ava Sheepskin Boot Competition

  • Can jeans be taken to exec level?

    Last post: harksgal on 19.06.13 at 13:00

    I think so, there is so many different styles and fabrics now that i think some look very classy. I notice a lot more people dressing in a smart pair of jeans and can pull off the exec look :) Read more about Can jeans be taken to exec level?

  • The Do's And Don'ts Of Leggings - a guide for 2013 onwards.

    Last post: harksgal on 19.06.13 at 12:56

    I love leggings. I think they are comfy and most of them are rather trendy looking, especially the jean looking ones. I just brought a pair of those leather looking leggings from Jay jays and they are really nice. I've noticed they are a big trend with the celebrities too. You can dress them up or down and they are a reasonable prize for all. Read more about The Do's And Don'ts Of Leggings - a guide for 2013 onwards.

  • Pyjamas. All day.

    Last post: harksgal on 19.06.13 at 12:51

    Theres a time and a place for PJ's and its bed time. Fair enough if you are at your own home and want to have a relaxing day as its your own home but to actually go out in public with PYJAMA'S on is just wrong. Ive seen people wearing pj pants in pac n save and down the street. I think they think they look good too but sorry thats not the case. I think sick people at the doctors is fine because they are too sick or feel to yuck to change so fair enough. Anyone else GET REAL!!!!!! Read more about Pyjamas. All day.

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