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  • EQC Why is everything being run from Wellington?

    Last post: Rocketman on 22.07.11 at 11:22

    I am not sure why the government has set things up in Wellington when what we really need is a Christchurch based dept for EQC. Claims are taking forever to get processed, people have been waiting for months and months.

    I realise that Christchurch has taken a real beating in the last 12 months and that we are still healing as a city. But things are moving so incredibly slowly its almost come to a stand still.

    There are a lot of extremely frustrated people in Christchurch because EQC is moving at a snails pace and not keeping up. We need a Christchurch based department for EQC to speed claims up. People have suffered enough.

    Your Thoughts? Read more about EQC Why is everything being run from Wellington?

  • Technology

    Last post: Rocketman on 21.07.11 at 16:50

    I remember the good old days when I was a kid, we had no computers, no cellphones, no Xboxes or Playstation. We didn't have the need to have some kind of electrical devices strapped to our heads 24/7.

    But now its become part of our culture, everywhere you go, fingers are flying on cellphones, people look like they have just come off of the Starship enterprise walking around with Bluetooth's sticking out of their ears.

    The funny thing is that with all these advances in Technology the Obesity rate in Nz and around the world has tripled. I don't often see kids out riding their bikes on sunny days, I think they would prefer to be inside on a computer, video game etc, or having their fingers move faster than their brains can keep up with.

    With all the constant changing technology, have we become disconnected with ourselves and just become like Neo in The Matrix and become of the grid?

    Your thoughts? Read more about Technology

  • Tv these days. The glory days of Tv the 80's.

    Last post: Rocketman on 21.07.11 at 16:39

    Go back a few more years, All in the family was brilliant. God Bless Archie Bunker. Read more about Tv these days. The glory days of Tv the 80's.

  • Online Dating

    Last post: Rocketman on 21.07.11 at 16:37

    Is it really safe? How easy is it to hide behind your computer? What type of experiances have you had with online dating. As time goes on this type of matchmaking service has become extremely popular.

    I have tried myself and have mixed feelings about it. At least I didn't come home to find my bunny boiling in a pot with some carrots lol. (Fatal Attraction reference included lol.)

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  • Reality Tv shows.

    Last post: Rocketman on 21.07.11 at 14:27

    What is your opinion on Reality Shows ? Do you watch them, do you have any favorites and why? Do Reality shows these days go to far?

    Have we become so desensitised by tv and nothing is private anymore so we bare our souls to complete strangers? Read more about Reality Tv shows.

  • Over $10,000 of LG Electronics to Giveaway

    Last post: Rocketman on 21.07.11 at 14:19

    Awesome prizes, would be great to win a new tv, just as long as its earthquake proof and won't jump out the window when I try and watch it. Read more about Over $10,000 of LG Electronics to Giveaway

  • Weight loss tips

    Last post: Rocketman on 21.07.11 at 13:33

    I know that the whole world is obsessed with weight loss, its a Billion dollar a year industry, we are constantly bombarded with infomercials every day with a new Abdominizer to blast away those hard to lose kilo's. Good grief it never ends.

    One successful way to lose a few kilo's I have tried and it works is to replace fried food with grilled food, that way you cook food in its own juices and no need to add oil or butter and it seals in the freshness.

    A another method I tried and it really works is to have a Protein shake in the morning for breakfast, make lunch my main meal for the day, and have a protein shake for dinner. I go to bed feeling full and not bloated and I have nothing to eat past 7pm, I l went from 127 kgs down to 82kg in just over 6 months this way and I felt fantastic for it.

    What methods have you tried?

    Read more about Weight loss tips

  • Replacing Soft drinks at dinner time.

    Last post: Rocketman on 21.07.11 at 13:21

    I don't know what most people drink at dinner time, whether it be a softdrink, a wine, beer etc. But what I started doing a while back has made a tremendous difference in how I feel. I have replaced softdrink with a glass of Water with lemon juice in it.

    And I have that a few times a day, makes a difference with your weight as well and I feel great. I read somewhere that you can lose 16 pounds a year by cutting out softdrink, thats not bad for doing something which is easy to do. Try it, you will start to feel great in no time. Read more about Replacing Soft drinks at dinner time.

  • Online Gaming

    Last post: Rocketman on 21.07.11 at 13:13

    I am playing Homefront online via Ps3 and its awesome, lots of fun. Read more about Online Gaming

  • Martin Hawes - "The Money Map" Book Giveaway

    Last post: Rocketman on 15.07.11 at 13:44

    In todays Modern times a book like this could save you more than money, it could also help protect your families future. Read more about Martin Hawes - "The Money Map" Book Giveaway

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