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  • No sugar and no fat every 2nd day?

    Last post: RC on 02.02.15 at 12:37

    I think cutting down on either of those things is a great idea and admirable goal, but I'm not sure it would get rid of cravings if you only did every second day... I'm only speaking for myself personally, but if I knew I could have the naughty foods the next day, then A) I would do great to hold out, but would be craving it and then B) binge the next day, and then the two-day cycle would just repeat and repeat and...

    I would say it would be easiest to go cold turkey, like I did with cigaretttes years ago (and that was surprisingly easy), but I know it's not the same. For one thing, you can eat sugar anywhere, including at your desk; and also, sugar is far more easily accessible (and cheaper) than cigarettes.

    I'm not a big sweet-tooth already, so rarely eat sugar, but I'm trying to cut down on salty carbs (potato chips are my archilles heel!). The way I've gone about it is to only buy one small bag, once a week. Then I keep them in the cupboard for as long as I can, but reason with myself that I get to eat them in a week, so do I really want to eat them on day 1 and then have nothing to look forward to if I have a crap day? I find the small portion size helps, because otherwise I'd eat the whole bag, and having them sitting there is like a personal challenge.

    Maybe choose your weakest food, and instead of alternating every second day, try less (but not none at all)? Read more about No sugar and no fat every 2nd day?

  • Win A FabFeb Prize Pack

    Last post: RC on 02.02.15 at 12:27

    What a cool fundraiser idea, I'm totally on board with that! Off to have a look now. Thanks Chelsey!! Read more about Win A FabFeb Prize Pack

  • Summer Holiday Romance

    Last post: RC on 15.12.14 at 12:19

    Does anyone have any fun/silly/embarrassing holiday romance stories? Or did anyone meet their SO or dearly beloved when on holiday?

    I'm off to Thailand for a Christmas break, not planning on any romancing but one never knows what could happen!! Read more about Summer Holiday Romance

  • Win: Nordic Collection By OPI Mini Nail Lacquer Set

    Last post: RC on 15.12.14 at 12:16

    Oh my, these would be great for all the travel I have lined up for summer! Love the cool blue in that set... Read more about Win: Nordic Collection By OPI Mini Nail Lacquer Set

  • DIY Beauty Treatments

    Last post: RC on 10.11.14 at 13:14

    Recently, I've decided to become all adventurous and try some new homemade beauty remedies; I realised my spend on beauty products was getting a bit out of hand, and some products can just as easily be produced at home for a fraction of the cost.

    I've read about some awesome ideas so far, and have had varying luck myself. Coffee and sugar scrub was amazing and I'll keep making that, but then the homemade vinegar hair wash... that did not go to plan, hehe.

    Any other suggestions or ideas for DIY treatments or beauty products?

    Read more about DIY Beauty Treatments

  • Ideas for Free Activities with Kids

    Last post: RC on 13.10.14 at 13:03

    As the weather warms up, I'm struggling to come up with new and exciting things to do with the young girl that I mentor. Because I'm not a parent myself, I'm not really sure what it is kids enjoy these days; and I keep finding myself taking her on outings that are things I want to do, and often they tire her out (she's so mature, I forget she's only 9 and her body can't keep up! She falls asleep in the car often...)

    Preferably, not too expensive (I'd love to take her to the zoo every weekend but sheesh, that would get expensive!)

    Thanks everyone Read more about Ideas for Free Activities with Kids

  • A Tattoo - Yes, or No?

    Last post: RC on 22.09.14 at 12:46

    It's a really interesting question you pose Mellow, and full disclaimer before I respond: I do have tattoos!

    I see them as an expression of self, and they don't hurt that much - but everyones pain threshold is different, and I would caution anyone thinking about getting one to put as much thought, patience, and detail into it as possible - and shop around, most terrible tattoos are the ones done cheaply - if you're going to be stuck with it for life, spend the money now and get a good, quality, well-executed design. They are expensive, but TRUST me - it's worth the money.

    And I do love most of mine, BUT: there are definitely some I have that I got done when I was very young, and I will totally own up to 'thinking I was so COOL', that I would probably choose not to have now; it really, really needs to be something you've thought through. Read more about A Tattoo - Yes, or No?

  • Win 1 of 2 Silk Epil 7’s courtesy of Farmers & Braun

    Last post: RC on 22.09.14 at 12:41

    I've never actually tried an epilator, I'm a bit hesitant that it will hurt! Such a wuss. From reading your review, I would say the feature that most appeals to me it that it exfoliates with the brush as you go... I get terrible dry flakey skin, and I'm terrible at forgetting to exfoliate before shaving! Read more about Win 1 of 2 Silk Epil 7’s courtesy of Farmers & Braun

  • Win With Remington

    Last post: RC on 22.09.14 at 12:39

    I would love to win one of these - I've been taught multiple times how to create curls with my straightener, but as soon as I try it myself, do you think I can get it to work??? Never! Read more about Win With Remington

  • Tinder: Hook up app or legit way to meet someone?

    Last post: RC on 18.08.14 at 11:57

    I agree with your line of thinking, the internet/online/mobile world is made up of all types, just like real life! You could meet creeps in a bar just as easily as online haha Read more about Tinder: Hook up app or legit way to meet someone?


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