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  • Lady Gaga vs Katy Perry

    Last post: Bernadette on 07.04.12 at 23:43

    I LOVE KATY PERRY! Full stop, end of story. Plus, she dated the hottie Russell Brand. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I reckon Lady Gaga would be wicked live though...heard shes pretty mean! :D Read more about Lady Gaga vs Katy Perry

  • Most effective way of losing weight??

    Last post: Bernadette on 07.04.12 at 01:57

    In the mean time...I've heard drinking apple cider vinegar (braggs is the best) before all three main meals with some warm water and honey can help with weight loss and it has MANY other good things going it for it too.....I use it for a 'daily tonic' as such ;). Read more about Most effective way of losing weight??

  • BSc BODY Shaping Protein for Women

    Last post: Bernadette on 06.04.12 at 13:10

    I would be interested in trying this ;) If it does the trick, well why not?! Thats what I say! Read more about BSc BODY Shaping Protein for Women

  • Childhood movies

    Last post: Bernadette on 06.04.12 at 12:59

    These are my sorta movies too ;) Read more about Childhood movies

  • Sweetened by nature

    Last post: Bernadette on 06.04.12 at 12:54

    This looks SO SO yum! Bourbon and honey...sounds like a legit mix to me ;) Read more about Sweetened by nature

  • What makes a job great?

    Last post: Bernadette on 06.04.12 at 12:53

    This is why I am in the hospitality industry...I absolutely love it!!! I love working with people who share the same passion for it as me. I find it hard working with people who are boring and are just there to get paid....and have no passion at all. The boss makes a massive difference also, without an awesome boss...its hard to have fun :). One that is strong (not a pushover) but also likes to have fun and cracks jokes. I am not a fan of power trippers or pushovers. HAHA.

    I think that with every job there are challenges that will arise...whether big or small.

    I also find the job needs to be challenging to be fun!! If its not, and I have to repeat the same old thing everyday, I do not find this fun....I like to try different things out and experience different things... Read more about What makes a job great?

  • Why Do People boast about their life??

    Last post: Bernadette on 06.04.12 at 00:18

    I am suprised people won't post statuses because they are scared that people will think they're boasting..

    I have a friend that posts almost naked pictures of her body on facebook...who has had a lot of complaints!! ---- I would definitely consider this inappropriate..I am not saying this is jealously..but really? some photos are just way too provocative for facebook.

    I get joy out of reading about happy things that are going on in peoples lives....I love reading statuses about it! If it happens constantly...then yes, its obvious that they are gloating and perhaps have some serious insecurity issues..but other than that, I enjoy happy/'gloating' statuses ;). BRING IT! Read more about Why Do People boast about their life??

  • Workplace bullies - making life hell...

    Last post: Bernadette on 06.04.12 at 00:12

    Bullying is nasty! and its sad to know that people don't get over it after their schooling years. Thankfully, I can say I've never bullied anyone!!! I believe it can be to do with jealously...

    I think that I was maybe involved in a much lesser version of bullying at a place I worked at...My mother rang up and complained about the lady that was doing it (awkward...and I'm sure it made the situation worse)....she was really nasty, and only ever to me. Funny thing was, I was an extremely hard worker, always have been (not just saying this, I have been told this). Since I was a casual employee, she could roster me as much or as less as she liked. On their busiest day of the year...she rostered me on for didn't matter that the kitchen was absolutely lacking in staff and was in need in of more staff...she was in power, and she wanted to show whos boss. Luckily, turns out a lot of people have made complaints (EVEN CUSTOMERS) things have now changed (so I've heard). It was probably the worst summer job i'll ever have and I am happy I left it. Its hard work working with two-faced people who seem bright and cherry and amazing etc etc in person, but really behind your back they're not.

    Read more about Workplace bullies - making life hell...


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