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  • Names for Kates and Wills Baby?

    Last post: Bernadette on 08.03.13 at 15:46

    To be honest, it doesn't really bother me what they call their child. As for me, when I have kids I will give them unique names. I love both the names Indigo and Zakariah. Theres more too. Read more about Names for Kates and Wills Baby?

  • Menstrual Protection Alternative options

    Last post: Bernadette on 08.03.13 at 15:08

    I agree with the landfill thing. Very interesting thought! I remember back in my mums day (she was born 1954), she had to use a cloth! How times have changed.

    It could be something to think about - very informative read....but still makes me feel a bit queasy thinking of the idea! I would be interested to see if anyone on this forum uses this 'method' monthly? Read more about Menstrual Protection Alternative options

  • Home Alone - private pleasures

    Last post: Bernadette on 06.03.13 at 16:39

    I would imagine how boring 3 months at home could be! Im between jobs at the moment...I have 5 days off and im already going crazy!!! haha Read more about Home Alone - private pleasures

  • Win tickets to OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL

    Last post: Bernadette on 06.03.13 at 12:51

    I would love to see this. Esepcially cause Mila Kunis and James Franco are in it. GREAT cast! and if it has anything to do with 'the wizard of oz' i am so damn keen! Read more about Win tickets to OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL

  • Back in Black

    Last post: Bernadette on 06.03.13 at 12:40

    I wear A LOT of black. As a kid I wasn't allowed to wear black. I wore my first item of black clothing when I was probably 14? Now I wear heaps of it...for no reason...not to be emo, just cause I like it! I love adding colourful accessories or adding in a colourful blazer or bright fluro nailpolish or maybe even some bright footwear/heels!

    I do wonder if its a Kiwi thing - its a shame though cause there are so many nice colourful clothing items out there. I guess its cause I feel more comfortable in darker coloured clothing.

    ALSO evertything goes well with black ;)

    Read more about Back in Black

  • Leggings - back in fashion?

    Last post: Bernadette on 06.03.13 at 12:36

    I think there are nice looking leggings and not so nice looking leggings. I agree you've gotta have the legs/ass for them. I for one definitely can't pull them off as I have a more pear shaped body (small waist/larger thighs). But then again, if you like them, wear them! It just makes me cringe when I'm walking down the street and you can see a persons granny undies underneath!

    I love love love the look of blackmilk leggings. They are seriously cool. Wish I could pull them off!!! Read more about Leggings - back in fashion?

  • Johnson's Lasting Hydration Body Lotion

    Last post: Bernadette on 16.12.12 at 19:32

    I am currently using a vaseline body lotion..although i LOVE the scent (cocoa and shea butter - i think), it does feel slightly greasy on the legs so when I hop into bed my legs are sticking to the sheets (just like dove gradual tan - UGH) this could be one to try..although scent is a biggie for me so its gotta not only do the trick, but also smell good. I will keep an eye out for when these are on special and see how I go from there :) Read more about Johnson's Lasting Hydration Body Lotion

  • Dial NutriSkin Body Wash

    Last post: Bernadette on 16.12.12 at 19:28

    I saw this recently at the supermarket...I usually buy whatever is on special and usually have a bit of a 'sniff' and if it wins the 'sniff' test then I'll buy! I find there are so many delicious scents these days and since summer is coming up....I like to use those that have little beads in them to help when exfoliating my body :). (it helps when tanning in the summer!!!). I also find using one of those bath foam scrubbing thingys (I can't think of the right terminology) makes the bottle last a whole lot longer as appose to just throwing the body wash straight onto your skin. $6 is a great price and will probably give this one a try at some point at least! Read more about Dial NutriSkin Body Wash

  • Win a Scorcher Peri Peri Burger voucher from McDonalds

    Last post: Bernadette on 16.12.12 at 19:23

    Id be keen to try one of these burgers! Maccas more expensive burgers (like these) taste reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal good! if I don't win, i'll still be popping by to try ;) Read more about Win a Scorcher Peri Peri Burger voucher from McDonalds

  • How much sleep do you get a night?

    Last post: Bernadette on 16.12.12 at 19:03

    I use to oversleep big time I think! Now I get up for work 5 days a week at 6am and my days off I sleep in till around 8.30ish....I'm usually in bed fast asleep by I get around 7hours a night. I find if I sleep over 9hours I feel worse than I would have if I had less sleep! Everyones different really depends on each person and their lifestyle etc. Some jobs are different and perhaps more mentally OR physically challenging than others....some people may have kids and many other factors, so differs from person to person ;) Read more about How much sleep do you get a night?


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