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  • Ideas for kicking the flu

    Last post: Bernadette on 14.04.13 at 19:25

    garlic..thats something different! i will try it though. i have some pulpy orange juice...might drink that up too. unfortunately i just chucked up (maybe its a stomach flu?).

    mmm hot soup sounds so appealing right now. im hungry but i don't want to eat :s Read more about Ideas for kicking the flu

  • Does your man help around the Home

    Last post: Bernadette on 14.04.13 at 13:13

    i am currently working 50hour weeks - 6 days a week while my boyfriend is on the dole. its frustrating cause it feels as though he isn't trying to get a job or making the effort to get one. what makes things worse is he does nothing around the house :(. just plays on his laptop and has sleep ins!

    today (my day off hurrah) i am sick as a dog with a chesty cough ...unfortunately he has chosen this day (of all seven days of the week) to go drinking with his friends. ahwell. i do love him...but just wished he did stuff around the house...even just making the bed (i get up 7am...hes still in bed till 10am ish).

    Read more about Does your man help around the Home

  • Brazillans, Waxing and Vajazzing

    Last post: Bernadette on 24.03.13 at 16:54

    OMG! I would freak out if my boyfriend got a brazillion. Hahahhaa. When it comes to his pubic hair....I like it there... (tidy)... but there!!!! Read more about Brazillans, Waxing and Vajazzing

  • Gift for the person who has everything and wants nothing.

    Last post: Bernadette on 24.03.13 at 16:44

    Hahaha...okay maybe the homemade food thing isn't an idea :p

    A crochet blanket would be such a coool idea..but yes, very time consuming.

    UH OH....don't think I can be of much help...just check out like an artsy crafty type shop..they would have a one of a kind pressie idea! I love love love those homemade photo albums made from recycled paper...they are REAL cool...and then you just stick the photos in...but yeah..otherwise im not much help

    All the best in finding a present :) Read more about Gift for the person who has everything and wants nothing.

  • 'Two hours of my life i'll never get back' - your movie turkeys of 2013

    Last post: Bernadette on 22.03.13 at 20:22

    To be honest...I didn't really enjoy 'Life of Pi'...I had heard so much great stuff about it...but the ending confused me and I guess the stuff I wanted to happen...didn't happen. It dragged too much I reckon.... Read more about 'Two hours of my life i'll never get back' - your movie turkeys of 2013

  • Traveling to America!

    Last post: Bernadette on 19.03.13 at 21:24

    I am definitely thinking this Grand Canyon outing is a must! Sounds amazing. Will perhaps check it out when in Vegas or on way to Albuquerque/Texas :).

    Thanks so much for your help. I love hearing about other peoples experiences when going overseas its getting me so excited :))) Read more about Traveling to America!

  • Coconut Oil

    Last post: Bernadette on 12.03.13 at 19:52

    Ughhh those coconut drinks are DISGUSTING! I can handle apple cider vinegar with honey in hot water....or pretty much anything that most people couldn't palate...but the thought of sipping one of those coconut waters (that might i add cost a ridic amount at the supermarkets) makes me want to gag!!!!!! Read more about Coconut Oil

  • Win with Sodastream

    Last post: Bernadette on 12.03.13 at 19:50

    Never owned one of these, but would love to! A couple of my friends have one and I am quite envious. Never heard of using it as a cocktail maker though...thats something new, interesting and different.

    Mmmmm I would be dowwwn for a sodastream drink right about now ;) Read more about Win with Sodastream

  • Holy grail mascara?

    Last post: Bernadette on 12.03.13 at 19:47

    To be honest..I reckon they'll all the same. I've tried extending ones...and 'falsies' etc etc but they are all the same to me! :( Read more about Holy grail mascara?

  • Moisture Mist

    Last post: Bernadette on 08.03.13 at 19:48

    How much does it retail for? Hopefully they can help out with shades - i'm hopeless with that sorta stuff!

    Do you find it lasts all day? This is quite important for me! Especially as I work in a fast paced (sometimes get a bit sweaty) environment :) Read more about Moisture Mist


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