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  • Uh oh...

    Last post: Bernadette on 03.06.14 at 12:24

    What spam? :/ Read more about Uh oh...

  • Whiskey or Wine?

    Last post: Bernadette on 03.06.14 at 12:23

    Definitely wine - I enjoy sangria too on a hot summers day. My fave wine is probably a reisling or a pinot gris :) Read more about Whiskey or Wine?

  • Favorite Foods

    Last post: Bernadette on 03.06.14 at 12:19


    Hhahahaha...where do I start?

    Depends on what mood I am - I tend to go to savoury food rather than sweet - what it comes to a treat I loveeeeeee a packet of chips - I went through a phase of being obsessed with cheezels - ugh - i don't even want to know what many baddies are in there!

    I love my mums homecooked meals - she makes the best fish pie, spinach cannelloni and makes a great pork (with crackling).

    When it comes to my favourite food again it depends on what I'm craving? I love a good soup, fresh homemade salad (TANK makes good ones too), a good steak, fresh stirfrys.......the list goes on! I'M A HUGE FOODIE ;) Read more about Favorite Foods

  • What is your favourite Restaurant & WHY?

    Last post: Bernadette on 03.06.14 at 12:15

    Fave restaurant? I hardly ever go out! In saying that, got a sweet $25 voucher for $50 worth of Wagamama on one of those daily deals this morning - LOVE wagamama - fresh and tasty and when you get $50 worth of food for $25, thats a great deal.

    My treat take-out faves would have to be velvet burger, burger fuel or fish and chips! Mt eden fish and chips do fantastic ones! Read more about What is your favourite Restaurant & WHY?

  • Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt?

    Last post: Bernadette on 03.06.14 at 12:12

    Johnny depp of course! Wouldn't even think twice....then again, id choose my partner over any of them! He's perfect and i actually know who he is...i'm just saying johnny depp based on what i know...but i really i have noooo idea who he is! Read more about Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt?

  • I want to buy a smartphone - HELP!

    Last post: Bernadette on 16.01.14 at 10:23

    thanks anna and wice

    do you know any major differences between say a samsung galaxy s2 and s4. my dad just told me he has an s2 he can give me! saves me from being locked into some plan for 24months...which is probably not ideal...even if it means a free phone ;)...which i was definitely thinking about doing. eeeeeek Read more about I want to buy a smartphone - HELP!

  • Crooked teeth: the new sexy!

    Last post: Bernadette on 28.11.13 at 12:19

    Haha oh my goodness this is ridiculous! But then again, its there teeth they can do what they want I guess...I wonder how it became a trend?

    Nothing against crooked teeth...but can't say I would go out of my way to get them made crooked...surely that would create medical problems...such as crossbite?

    Read more about Crooked teeth: the new sexy!

  • Pre-summer tone up.

    Last post: Bernadette on 28.11.13 at 12:17

    I did sugar free for about 3 weeks...but I found that I was actually starting to feel worse (I was hoping my eczema would clear up...better skin etc). I literally cut out all sugar....honey, jam. biscuits, chocolate, sugar in my cups of teas, fruits etc. (I would eat like half a banana a day). I didn't really lose any weight (although 3 weeks isn't much time to see results), I think I lost 1.5KG in three weeks..although I'm a healthy weight of 50kg for 159cm tall. Has anyone here gone sugar free? What were your results?

    All I know is that the weight you lose depends on 80% of what you eat and 20% exercise!

    I don't really want to lose any weight but I am keen to tone up....Any suggestions for toning up? Read more about Pre-summer tone up.

  • Is New Zealand too casual?

    Last post: Bernadette on 28.11.13 at 12:09

    Hmmmm...its weird because everyone is SO SO different in how they dress! Even the different regions in NZ show unique differences....I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way wellington people unique to me...I like it. However, if I dressed like that in my current home town Id probably get weird looks....

    I think in general NZ is known to be 'casual'....I hear people saying it a lot.I think its a generalised statement though. I was surpised when I went to the USA to find that I felt there dress was quite casual too...but then again, I think being in different areas the dress 'code' can change so dramatically and rapidly.

    All in all, I don't think it matters how one dresses, as long as they're comfortable in there own skin - I'm not gonna judge ;-) Read more about Is New Zealand too casual?

  • Win NEW Moisture Mist BB Cream

    Last post: Bernadette on 28.11.13 at 12:02

    I've heard fantastic things about moisture mist! Its always been a bit out of my price range through. I currently use Ganier BB cream....and I love the natural look of it....its not cakey and feels like I'm not wearing anything at all. Would LOVE to try BB cream by Moisture mist...I am always keen to try out new products to find a product I can 100% commit to. Read more about Win NEW Moisture Mist BB Cream


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