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  • Paranormal Activity 3 Giveaway

    Last post: DawnBreaker on 20.10.11 at 18:27

    Saw the first one and found a couple of scary moments, but was largely disappointed in the second. They shouldn't have had a well-known actress in the lead role. Read more about Paranormal Activity 3 Giveaway

  • It's time to say "no more"

    Last post: DawnBreaker on 14.05.11 at 16:42

    I'm not Maori, however I love the Maori culture and identity they have as indigenous New Zealanders. I love the haka that's performed before a rugby game. I love the Maori greetings given to foreigners. I love that the Maori language is taught at schools to those who wish to learn it. Maori music festivals are fantastic. But I give just as much credit to other cultures who grace our country. We are, afterall, one people on this earth, and none of us are special - we're just different. Don't they say 'Variety is the spice of life?'

    The statement 'grievance has been replaced by greed,' when it comes to treaty claims, is spot on in my opinion. It's an all too human trait to get as much as we can out of something before we let it go. Sympathisers give because their heart leads them to, but nothing lasts forever, and the time will come, and hopefully soon, when treaty issues will finally be laid to rest.

    I don't consider any of my Maori friends and family to be any more hard done by than the pakeha population. The poor are all struggling financially these days - regardless of their race. We should all join hands together as Kiwis, as brothers and sisters, and look forward to a future we're we all recognise ourselves as equals.

    Now, on to the battle between the rich and the poor... Read more about It's time to say "no more"

  • Black Swan

    Last post: DawnBreaker on 13.05.11 at 19:15

    I think emotional pressure and the subsequent duality of mind that occurs at its breaking point is not as unusual as it seems. I'd even go as far as to say that 'crazy' is the new 'normal' in this world. I admire everyone for at least trying to maintain a semblance of sanity in their daily realities (helped somewhat by a good dose of 'how to act normal' programmes on TV), but the truth is, we are all starting to feel the cracks tearing us up on the inside, and divorce rates, broken families, poverty and selfish profiteering are signs that things are getting worse.

    I've been exposed to a lot of people who I once considered a little unhinged. But I've come to recognise that the more I get to know others, the more I see the same untied knots in them also. Who really can call themselves sane in this world? Presidents who fall into rage and throw diplomacy out the window? Stars who can't find adequate soulmates, even in their own professions? Musicians who let their emotions loose through their instruments?

    The question I have is: Have we really come very far in the last six thousand years of intellectual growth? Or are we truly kidding ourselves that we are in control of our individual worlds when our minds and hearts are actually full of contradictory beliefs that will one day bring about our undoing? Read more about Black Swan

  • Bailey's Shake

    Last post: DawnBreaker on 12.05.11 at 17:31

    Me thinks the Irish Cream may not contain enough alcohol. Maybe some added vodka for the die hards? Read more about Bailey's Shake

  • The Champagne House of Salon

    Last post: DawnBreaker on 09.05.11 at 18:34

    At $4,500 for the 1955 vintage, I'd say it's a little out of my budget. The Brut at $45 suits me a lot more. Thanks for the advice! Read more about The Champagne House of Salon

  • Scream 4

    Last post: DawnBreaker on 06.05.11 at 17:45

    I've hesitated seeing Scream 4, probably because Scream 3 was such a disappointment. You say it takes a few jabs at torture porn films. I really hated Hostel. It not only scared me, but it made me feel sick. Of course I recovered and Hostel 2 had no effect on me at all. It would be good to see a little toture going on in Scream 4, and this may be the reason for me to go and see it (that, and the fact that Reading Cinemas have it for $9 this week). Read more about Scream 4

  • Classic Bloody Mary

    Last post: DawnBreaker on 06.05.11 at 17:25

    I've had a few Bloody Marys on my trips overseas. Although they don't have all the ingredients at hand on the plane (salt, lemon juice, etc), they don't do too bad a job. All it takes is one heavy handed flight attendant though and you get a very spicy helping of tobasco. I have to say, too much can ruin it. Read more about Classic Bloody Mary

  • Gardenscapes

    Last post: DawnBreaker on 06.05.11 at 17:20

    Although the scenery sounds familiar to someone of my age, I think I'll leave the gaming to the young ones. :) Read more about Gardenscapes

  • Old Fashioned

    Last post: DawnBreaker on 06.05.11 at 17:16

    Gosh, after all the effort to stir the ingredients in one by one, you'd sure need a drink! Read more about Old Fashioned

  • Massey Industrial Design Girls - solving our problems with design

    Last post: DawnBreaker on 06.05.11 at 17:14

    LOL, I'm not sure the clinical colours of white with red stripes could give the impression of 'warm and inviting'. Traditionally a padded seat does the job. I'm not sure why that wasn't included.

    The Fresa strawberry picking machine, on the other hand, sounds like a real marvel. Now that's a great use of technology, to consider the feedback on how soft the fruit is in order to pick it up gently. Computers may never fully think like humans, but there is a lot of room for them to at least grow to imitate us. Read more about Massey Industrial Design Girls - solving our problems with design

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