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  • Plyometric Training

    Last post: New Member on 12.10.17 at 23:07

    Reactive training has several important benefits for seniors. First and foremost, reactive training enhances the rate of force production. This is defined as the ability of a muscle to exert maximal force in a minimal amount of time. Success in most functional activities (including trying to stop yourself from falling) depends on the speed at which muscles are activated. For example, if you start to stumble down a flight of stairs, you work quickly to stop yourself from falling using arms and legs to help stabilize you and prevent the fall. To prevent a trip and fall, an individual must have sufficient lower limb muscle power to get a stabilizing leg out fast enough to prevent the fall or reduce the effects of the fall.[2] However, the speed of contraction lessens as you get older, decreasing the firing time of muscles, reducing strength and limiting ability to prevent a dangerous fall.

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  • The Benefits of Eating Sprouted Grains

    Last post: New Member on 12.10.17 at 22:54

    Adding sprouted grains to your healthy meal plan won’t instantly make you healthier, but little changes (like switching to brown rice or sprouted grain bread) can add up over time to improve your health.
    Also be aware that if eaten raw, sprouted grains may have a health risk: The warm, moist environment needed to germinate and sprout grains or beans is the same environment that also facilitates bacteria growth. However, cooking sprouted grains will kill any potential bacteria. Fortunately, the more popular sprouted grains, like rice, barley, millet, and wheat, are usually ground up and cooked into bread or pasta, or consumed as a standalone dish. But be careful with sprouted grains that can be eaten raw, such as sprouted chickpeas in hummus.

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