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  • Gambling

    Last post: alexgrin on 18.06.19 at 02:16

    I just started betting today, how often do you bet? Have you ever won? Read more about Gambling

  • Study tips

    Last post: alexgrin on 15.04.19 at 21:56

    Here is my study tips: Control your focus. Download study apps. Search online. Do the hardest subject first to save your time. Plus I often use writing service where I can find at least some tips or samples of essay formatting. I'm working on my rhetorical essay right now and I just checked what is a rhetorical analysis on this page to finish my writing at the highest level. It helped me hundreds of times. Hope these tips will be useful for you too. Read more about Study tips

  • Mining crypto

    Last post: alexgrin on 19.12.18 at 05:15

    Recently I have been wanting to get into crypto mining, but I am it worth it in 2019. I know about a year or so ago, people were mining euthereum making approx. 2 dollars a day with only 46 MH/s speed; however, we need a $2000+ mining rig to get the same results with etheurem for obvious reasons. Are there any currencies out there that are more profitable to mine? Read more about Mining crypto

  • Do you like massages? What types do u prefer?

    Last post: alexgrin on 08.12.18 at 01:53

    I like full body massage, Thai Massage, Swedish Massage. A few months ago when I was in my business trip in Kiev I tried ukraine erotic massage. Awesome feelings! I had other massages before in other cities, but that tantra massage was just incredible. It was one of the greatest experience I ever had. Read more about Do you like massages? What types do u prefer?

  • Building a low-medium budget Kitset house?

    Last post: alexgrin on 22.11.18 at 23:10

    Has anyone recently done a kitset? What costs popped up that you weren't expecting and how much more than the actual kit did it set you back (ish)? Was it worth it in the end?

    We're expecting around 10 K in consenting, 25 K for water/septic tanks and maybe another 15 for earthworks and landscaping. We will need to pay for construction and wiring but will get plumbing and any legal at cost through family. I see there is a list of things on that link that it doesn't include, but thought I'd check in with the know how of the sub for any general/useful knowledge. Thanks in advance. Read more about Building a low-medium budget Kitset house?

  • Any good VoIP services in NZ?

    Last post: alexgrin on 22.11.18 at 09:35

    I need reliable service for home use and business. What good VoIP service could you suggest? What providers are you subscribed to? Read more about Any good VoIP services in NZ?

  • Any factory workers here?

    Last post: alexgrin on 10.07.18 at 20:25

    I'm looking for something different for the summer, and looking to earn some extra cash. There is a paper mill hiring near me and the wages are very decent. They also offer benefits and overtime.

    I technically have ADD (not really something that affects my life, but might make this job setting miserable) and have been working in a field that takes a lot of cognitive mental work; I feel like this may be grueling for me. So tell me, what's it like working a factory job? Read more about Any factory workers here?

  • Interview That Gets You Hired

    Last post: alexgrin on 06.06.18 at 03:26

    thanks for the useful info! Read more about Interview That Gets You Hired

  • Cryptocurrency thread

    Last post: alexgrin on 05.06.18 at 07:41

    Hi guys. I'm planning to invest some money in crypto. What do you think about investing in ICOs? Any of you buy crypto? Read more about Cryptocurrency thread

  • Is it safe? Shop online

    Last post: alexgrin on 18.04.18 at 05:36

    Can't imagine my life without online shopping! If you make an order at relialbe and well-known stores like amazon, ebay, asos, n&m etc it's completely safe. Check the store and its reviews before making an order, that's it. Read more about Is it safe? Shop online

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