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  • An OE - the good, the bad, the best.

    Last post: Wice on 16.02.15 at 14:34

    I have discovered that OE is good but it is better if you can share it. I love to travel. Hubbie hates it. So sad :-( Read more about An OE - the good, the bad, the best.

  • Children, coming out of closet

    Last post: Wice on 16.02.15 at 14:32

    I don't know the answer to this question so all I can do is try to be tolerant and accepting providing no one is being hurt.

    You are right though, the media can put all sorts of ideas into the minds of both young and old people alike by displaying generally unacceptable or out-of-the-ordinary behaviours in a way that normalises them.

    I stilll vividly remember being a teenager and after having a fight with my Mum, throwing my shoe at the wall so hard that it dented the plaster. However, I was so ashamed afterwards. The sole reason for this stupid behaviour was that I had seen a teenager ina programme I had recently watched. In that moment, TV a had made this act acceptable. In my frustration, I had latched on to this as my ultimate act of defiance. I wonder if I would have felt so guilty had I seen done this on a regular basis by people of different ages?

    This brings me to the inordinate amount of swearing that seems to occur in many New Zealand produced programmes. Maybe this is normal in some households and environments, but it certainly isn't in mine. I doesn't occur anywhere near as much in imported TV programmes so why do we have to present this as part of normal NZ life? Read more about Children, coming out of closet

  • Garlic - Love it, or hate it.

    Last post: Wice on 16.02.15 at 14:16

    It really is a very hot summer. For all garlic lovers, why not try this Savory Garlic Ice-Cream. It really is delicious. Serve it with meat.
    This is the only recipe I've tried but I see there are many more on the web and, by the look of the quantities of sugar and honey used, I would say these are probably dessert ice-creams!
    e.g. http://www.food.com/recipe/garlic-ice-cream-473009
    Read more about Garlic - Love it, or hate it.

  • How to make lipliner with lipstick

    Last post: Wice on 16.02.15 at 14:10

    I love long lasting lipsticks. The best I ever found were Kanebo brand which I bought on line but has since been discontinued. L'Oreal also had one which was pretty good except it dried in the tube and became unusable if the lid wasn't tightly on. I can't say that I fancy the long lasting lip 'glosses' which have colouir then a seal. Has anyone got any suggestions. I love bright colours rather than wishy-washy pastels which just seem to make my lips disappear.

    Read more about How to make lipliner with lipstick

  • Pet insurance - help please

    Last post: Wice on 02.02.15 at 13:03

    Thanks Anna.

    Read more about Pet insurance - help please

  • Anyone Can Do Yoga

    Last post: Wice on 19.01.15 at 12:53

    Another thought. I have a number of friends who won't consider yoga - but not for any of the reasons above. It's not just that they have negative body images but that their 'bulk' stops them from being able to physically achieve many of the required postures. Such a pity. Read more about Anyone Can Do Yoga

  • Learning to Sit Alone, in a Quiet Empty Room

    Last post: Wice on 19.01.15 at 12:49

    Surely the writer is making assumptions. Not everyone t always has music on and we all have quiet times - the "long bath" or loo sit; the solitary walk or run; the time waiting in queues, for something to cook, when driving; the time in bed before getting up in the morning or at night, going to sleep. We all daydream from time to time whether at work or watching TV. "Quiet time" is turning in on oneself, letting thoughts run free and dissipate or build. It can be relaxing if you let go of the negative or stressful if you hold on to it. Regardless, when we can do this, external noise and stimulation become insignificant and disappear.

    My Tai Chi class always starts with 'quiet standing' which can last from five minutes to an hour or more. It reminds me of the time when I was a child and sat quietly in church.

    I certainly don't think that 'quiet time' has anything much to do with eating junk food, impulse shopping or taking part in social media activities. These are quite unrelated pursuits! Read more about Learning to Sit Alone, in a Quiet Empty Room

  • Best Films of 2014

    Last post: Wice on 19.01.15 at 12:30

    Thought "Locke" was totally brilliant. Fell asleep during Hotel Budapest. What what happened to "The Imitation Game". Surely this should be included in your list with Benedict Cumberbatch's amazing performance!.. and although I haven't seen it yet, surely "Birdman" should be here too! Read more about Best Films of 2014

  • Thinking of getting a dog - advice wanted

    Last post: Wice on 14.01.15 at 12:02

    Thank you. That is a handsome dog but for some reason he doesn't look very cuddly - more of a guy's dog to me. I was interested though, in what sound the Basenji makes if it doesn't bark - they yoddle!
    [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-LBHgerU9w[/youtube] Read more about Thinking of getting a dog - advice wanted

  • Ben Dover Sex Position

    Last post: Wice on 14.01.15 at 11:56

    I don't know - looks very much one-sided to me -intimate maybe, but what sort of thoughts are going through each person's head? The woman looks like she is just a sex object who is givng the guy a thriill. It certainly doesn't look very loving.
    Read more about Ben Dover Sex Position


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