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  • Apple Juice Up giveaway

    Last post: mykazza on 19.08.13 at 11:52

    Love the sound of the new Fresh Up fruit drink.....the flavour combo is sure to tickle the taste buds. I encourage my child to drink water instead of juices etc & she always has water in her drink bottle for school. We do have fruit juice for treats though & when we have it I like to buy Fresh Up because of its outstanding rich flavour & quality. Maybe I could put a splash of vodka in mine......immm now that's got my taste buds tickled!!!! We'd be delighted to try the new Fresh Up Apple & Nectarine Fruit Drink! :o) Read more about Apple Juice Up giveaway

  • Win with Fancy Feast

    Last post: mykazza on 30.07.13 at 08:25

    3yrs ago we got our little girl a little ball of fluff.....but sadly as things grow so fast her cat "Max" is now a big ball of fluff. Max has caught many a mouse & we've watched him playing with them out on the lawn...he's so funny & brings a lot of pleasure to our family. He sleeps on her bed every night & snuggles right in.....they both look so cute when they are asleep. Every morning when I get up Max hears me & runs out of her room & starts meowing & smooching around my feet....waiting to be fed. Max is definitely a much loved part of our family & has personality. I'm sure Max would think that having a Fancy Feast start in the morning would be just Purrrrfect.......MEOOOOW!!!!! Read more about Win with Fancy Feast

  • Win with Lindt Creation

    Last post: mykazza on 10.07.13 at 12:24

    After surviving 31 days without caffeine or alcohol I think I deserve a bit of luxury & a few treats.....savouring a few bits of Lindt Creation sounds like the perfect solution to me....I'd share with my loved ones that help me do my 31 days too as they too deserve a little treat as 'mums' had a few grumpy moments along the way!!!! :o) Read more about Win with Lindt Creation

  • Dry July - entertainment options

    Last post: mykazza on 10.07.13 at 11:21

    Hi rhalkett, today is my 31st day without any alcohol or caffeine.....I sort of started the dry july thing a bit early. I'm surrounded by drinkers from a Thursday to sunday & all I drank was zero lemonade. I found that if I had it in my usual BIG wine glass I coped better ....I thinks its more of a mind thing. Set yourself little goals for the end of the week.......go week by week instead of saying i'm not drinking for a month....breaking it down I don't think it sounds as long. If I can do it you can too.....Good Luck :o) Read more about Dry July - entertainment options

  • Win with VnC Cocktails

    Last post: mykazza on 10.07.13 at 11:03

    HOORAY!!!! I've made is my 31st day without any alcohol or caffeine!!!! My friends are over welmed that I've done this & said they wouldn't be able to last. I'm a bloody legend they say. Friday is the start of the school holidays & i'm having a catch up & little drinky with my friend...after we pick up the kiddys. I've lost 5kg while not drinking & the VnC Cocktails are low in calories & would be ideal for me as I'll be doing my best not to put that weight back on....I've never tried VnC but they sound delish......CHEERS Read more about Win with VnC Cocktails

  • Win a bottle of Vaione Premium Pacific Gin

    Last post: mykazza on 24.06.13 at 14:44

    I've put on a bit of weight over the you do....from over indulging in beer & wine so currently i'm on a health stint for one month. Today is my 13th day without alcohol or caffiene.....i'm a little grumpy!!!! :o( When my months up I'm going to try & drink gin or vodka with soda to keep the extra weight away...I've been told white spirits & a diet or soda mix is less calories. This lovely Vaione Premium Pacific Gin with a citrus twist & NO added sugar could be just the ticket.....if I was lucky enough to win it, it could be my pot of gold to look forward to when my month without alcohol or caffiene is up :o)
    Read more about Win a bottle of Vaione Premium Pacific Gin

  • Win a Sample Bar pack for you and Mum

    Last post: mykazza on 30.04.13 at 15:25

    My mum has never really worn make up because shes a bit of a tom boy gets stuck in works hard. I haven't seen her wear make up for a few years now but on the odd SPECIAL occasion when she did, she was one hot grandmama!!!!! Shes long overdue for some Glam in her life :)) Read more about Win a Sample Bar pack for you and Mum

  • Win a Freddo Tea Kit

    Last post: mykazza on 16.04.13 at 15:31

    When I was a little girl I use to always have a cup of tea in a cup & saucer at my grandparents place. Now I've got a little girl of my own who also likes her tea in a cup & saucer at her grandparents place. She is having a birthday at the end of May so if I was lucky enough to win this lovely little Freddo Tea Kit I'd be giving this to her from you Chelsey. I think its quite cute to see this special memory I had with my grandparents passing down to the next generation......quite parshall to a chocky bicky too...num num :o) Read more about Win a Freddo Tea Kit

  • Win a $25 Wendy's voucher

    Last post: mykazza on 16.04.13 at 15:19

    IMMMM the new Big W from Wendys looks impressive. These days takeaways are a treat so taking my 8yr old daughter to Wendys for a Big W would really be neat. I'll take you up on the offer Chelsey & enter your $25 Wendys voucher comper!!!! Just not sure how I'm gunna get my chompas round that Big W.......definitely only room for one not two!!!! :o) Read more about Win a $25 Wendy's voucher

  • NZ'S GOT TALENT who do you think has the talent?

    Last post: mykazza on 08.04.13 at 12:56

    At first I thought "not another talent show" but after the first screening our family was hooked. I loved the little boy that sang & played the guitar...can't remember his name. So many people out there have got the most amazing talents...& just your normal everyday people too. My 8yr could not believe what some kids around her age could do. I said to her if you want to try something just give it a never know where it could lead too. Watching NZ's Got Talent really gave her that confindence. Maybe we'll see her on TV next year!!! You've got to be in to win afterall. Read more about NZ'S GOT TALENT who do you think has the talent?


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