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  • Charity - and being charitable.

    Last post: catzwhiskaz on 08.12.15 at 12:48

    Yes, I agree Kiwis are charitable, but I consider everything has gone too far now. Givealittle is abused - really, a person's desire to become a millionaire asking for everyone in NZ to give her a dollar?
    Charities have been defrauded over the years too, another very offputting situation to a prospective donor. I will not give to any charity out of New Zealand and, even then, I check their credibility carefully. One complaint I do have though, even with the likes of Breast Cancer or the Arthritis Foundation, why do they spend more than my donation with continual begging letters in the future?
    Not sure I do have a favourite, but the closer to home the better. Read more about Charity - and being charitable.

  • Win a Navman MY650 or MY600 GPS

    Last post: catzwhiskaz on 31.08.15 at 19:19

    Bad day? Dad? Well, if he had a Navman he would need to keep it in his pocket. In a strange city, he parked the rental car so we could attend some night markets. Darkness fell quickly, street lights were very absent, same with footpaths, where was the car? Walked an hour around every block, corner, entranceway, almost giving up in frustration, but whoopee there she was, the car! Two days later he was on an errand for friends in the outback, their GPS wouldn't accept the road number, so "midpoint" was chosen. Alas midpoint was over an hour in the opposite direction - the road was miles and miles long! Read more about Win a Navman MY650 or MY600 GPS

  • Win A FabFeb Prize Pack

    Last post: catzwhiskaz on 02.02.15 at 18:55

    February is always too short, but it's the best month of the year for climate and relaxation. Nice prize and what a worthy fund-raising venture. Read more about Win A FabFeb Prize Pack

  • No sugar and no fat every 2nd day?

    Last post: catzwhiskaz on 02.02.15 at 18:53

    Great idea, Jillaut, but in my own case I think I would overindulge on the legal days. Probably best to gradually cut back on a daily basis, small steps, etc.? Good luck. Read more about No sugar and no fat every 2nd day?

  • D.I.Y - Being self reliant.

    Last post: catzwhiskaz on 08.12.14 at 12:46

    It's in the NZ culture to be as DIY as possible, I think. Certainly, having a male to do the "big" jobs is an advantage, where tasks can be too heavy for women. However, most women are very self-reliant and when pushed into a corner they can achieve the essentials, repairs, maintenance, etc. Probably the budgeting and shopping is mostly women's work but in today's world of equality then the guys can step up here too. Read more about D.I.Y - Being self reliant.

  • Win BeeBio Products

    Last post: catzwhiskaz on 10.11.14 at 12:51

    We are inundated with choices for suncare products these days. BeeBio seems to have zeroed in on something ideal for everyone with their ingredients that our friends the bees product. Read more about Win BeeBio Products

  • Handbags...Does Size matter.....?

    Last post: catzwhiskaz on 10.11.14 at 12:49

    Size doesn't matter - well, when it comes to handbags. It's better to focus on the practicality in choosing a handbag, more compartments for a good filing system, a goes-with-anything colour, reliable composition with an optional shoulder strap. An effective handbag is like a long-lost friend, loyal to the end. Read more about Handbags...Does Size matter.....?

  • SPF everyday?

    Last post: catzwhiskaz on 13.10.14 at 12:28

    I think SPF in makeup should be as routine as applying a deodorant each morning. Prevention is far better than cure and, sadly, cure is not always to be had. Unfortunately for many of us this education is possibly too late, but we must care for our children and grandchildren and instill the habit into their lives. Read more about SPF everyday?

  • Win 1 of 2 Silk Epil 7’s courtesy of Farmers & Braun

    Last post: catzwhiskaz on 01.10.14 at 11:22

    No toy this one, a functional device which is multi-purpose and a most convenient and useful Braun invention. Shave, massage, exfoliate simultaneously - what is not to love about this? Read more about Win 1 of 2 Silk Epil 7’s courtesy of Farmers & Braun

  • A Tattoo - Yes, or No?

    Last post: catzwhiskaz on 22.09.14 at 12:32

    For me, a definite No! However, tattoos have become more and more popular, particularly with the younger people. I would suggest - stop, think, and ask "how will this look in 20 years' time?" If you are still keen, do place the inking somewhere discreet. Read more about A Tattoo - Yes, or No?

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