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Foodie, Movie-goer, & beauty bargain buyer. Full-time mum & part-time consumer reviewer.

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  • First Love - Is it really your best/worst love?

    Last post: julz1983 on 03.12.11 at 17:34

    A lot of people say that no one ever forgets their first love, whether it be for good or bad reasons but in your own experience is that really the case? Does that person still cross your mind more than anyone else - perhaps even more so than your current partner? Has your first love experience had any influence on your consequent relationships?

    For me personally my first love experience was the worst love case. We were only together for 9 months in high school but knew each other since we were kids. I was so crushed when I made the call to end it & it took me years to fully get over him. It was hard dating other guys because too often I was mentally comparing them to him. I also had it in my mind that I wanted a guy who was better than he was just so that I could make him jealous. I feel so much more grown up now.

    I look at my younger sister and she's currently going through a very similar situation with her first love. Is it something we all experience on a similar line? Read more about First Love - Is it really your best/worst love?

  • Have you ever been on TV?

    Last post: julz1983 on 25.11.11 at 18:06

    OMG poor you!! I'd probably be shouting "No cameras!!!" while still only half-awake, too bad about not winning the car - was it the Mazda from the earlier rounds? I never knew they shot 5 episodes all in one day, it was funny having to change outfits & my hairdo to make it look like a completely new day ay. Read more about Have you ever been on TV?

  • Real Women Duathlon series 2012

    Last post: julz1983 on 24.11.11 at 12:47

    Yeah I was surprised when I turned up & saw a heap of women in costume & I don't remember seeing anything about it on the website/facebook too - I thought most of them were supporters then at the prizegiving afterwards it all made sense to me. Read more about Real Women Duathlon series 2012

  • Lose weight without starving!

    Last post: julz1983 on 24.11.11 at 02:04

    So I've been on this diet to prep myself for beach season & for the past few months I've had my fridge filled with nothing but healthy food & I've steadily lost weight. BUT tonight I've had the worst ever craving for something really sweet (like a massive bag of gummy bears) or something really salty (like a KFC dinner for 2 pack). I kid you not. I looked in the fridge at around 10pm when this craving first set in & mainly saw healthy stuff (& thought F&*K!). My kids were asleep & I didn't want to wake them just to go down the road to get a quick hunger pang fix so I've been sitting here... & it's now almost 2am... & I'm still craving. This is crazy. Going to cry myself to sleep soon enough... after I've demolished a whole block of cheese & crackers... with five cups of sugar filled coffee, good times. Read more about Lose weight without starving!

  • Running and Breathing - what's the secret?

    Last post: julz1983 on 24.11.11 at 01:34

    I've always been told since I was a kid to breath in through my nose & out through my mouth to avoid getting a stitch & it's a technique I've kept til this day. It seems to help especially for long distance running but what I've found to be more helpful is listening to music while I'm running. Do you listen to music while your running Rozanne? If you don't or havn't yet tried I recommend you do, it blocks out everything around you & you're pretty much just going with the tempo of the music you're listening to which is another thing - if you're going to go with my advice of listening to music - I'd suggest creating a playlist to go with the MOOD you're in, you may find that it helps you to run longer & sometimes even faster. If you're in an angry mood for example, there's a lot of mental energy to be released so pick songs that help to vent your anger from your mind & you'll find your running miles in no time lol, but it's not any different from when you're in a good mood. Just pick songs that you can feel vibes from when you're running - if that makes sense. Read more about Running and Breathing - what's the secret?

  • For Cool Beauty and Makeup Tips

    Last post: julz1983 on 22.11.11 at 08:46

    I stumbled across this BBC clip, interesting to watch:

    Read more about For Cool Beauty and Makeup Tips

  • Kanye West Headlines Big Day Out 2012

    Last post: julz1983 on 22.11.11 at 08:36

    Yeah I like most of Kanye's music especially the songs from his third album Late Registration including Goldigger & these two goodies:

    Read more about Kanye West Headlines Big Day Out 2012

  • Hayley Westenra's Music

    Last post: julz1983 on 22.11.11 at 08:16

    Yeah Feelers are a Kiwi band that were contracted to come up with a RWC 2011 theme song. They caused a stir by covering the song "Right here right now" originally performed by the British group Jesus Jones which a lot of people thought was poor song choice & didn't showcase a true kiwi song. Read more about Hayley Westenra's Music

  • Jokes, Quotes & Riddles of the day

    Last post: julz1983 on 20.11.11 at 23:08

    Brought to you by Twitter:

    If it hurts when you pee then urine trouble

    I've used up all my sick days so tomorrow I'm calling in dead

    "Mummy I don't want to visit Grandma"
    "Shut up & keep digging!"

    Ghetto gps: Aye, u gon bust that left on tha nex street.

    My bank charged me a fee for having insufficient funds in my account! Apparently I can't even afford to be broke.

    Whoever put "Too Cool to Do Drugs" on a pencil is retarded. Everytime you sharpen it: "Cool to Do Drugs" "Do Drugs" and "Drugs"

    Son: Dad, I finally had sex! Dad: Oh son, that's great. Sit down and tell me about it. Son: I can't sit down, it still hurts.

    I just broke the G string trying to finger a minor.... Playing guitar is tough.

    "Dude she just called you lazy!" "oh hell no! Go & tell her I'm not" Read more about Jokes, Quotes & Riddles of the day

  • Joke of the Day

    Last post: julz1983 on 20.11.11 at 22:50

    What do you call the useless piece of extra skin at the end of a penis?

    A man Read more about Joke of the Day


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