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Foodie, Movie-goer, & beauty bargain buyer. Full-time mum & part-time consumer reviewer.

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  • Shopaholics Anonymous

    Last post: julz1983 on 03.02.12 at 00:33

    I forgot to mention that at my local Pak N Save I managed to score some Klip It lunchboxes (2L) for only $2.60 each, they normally retail at around the $6 mark elsewhere so major bargain. It will probably only last until the end of this week as a "Back to school" special so I reckon you should get in quick =)
    Read more about Shopaholics Anonymous

  • Svetol

    Last post: julz1983 on 02.02.12 at 15:22

    I was in Life pharmacy today & spotted this product on special for only $29.95, else where I saw that it cost nearly double. Read more about Svetol

  • What is your favourite Restaurant & WHY?

    Last post: julz1983 on 10.01.12 at 23:48

    Grand Harbour Restaurant have a variety of dumplings on their lunchtime yum cha menu which I recommend, the cheaper alternative is Lucky Star Restaurant in Papatoetoe which I frequently go to. Read more about What is your favourite Restaurant & WHY?

  • HELP! What's an easy way to make a tastey chicken curry?

    Last post: julz1983 on 09.01.12 at 20:27

    Hey ladies cheers for the tips, I kinda improvised with ingredients & all turned out well. Main ingredients were chicken, chickpeas, tumeric, hot curry powder, garam masala, crushed garlic, green chillis, can of mexican tomatoes, onions, instead of using yoghurt I used coconut cream which made the curry reeeally yummy! My dining critics loved it and I didn't make it too hot, luckily. Read more about HELP! What's an easy way to make a tastey chicken curry?

  • Worst Advert Ever

    Last post: julz1983 on 03.01.12 at 22:14

    I reckon it's a crack-up, saw it for the first time lastnight & couldn't wait to talk about it to my mates. Have read some pretty funny comments about it on Libras facebook page as well. I instantly knew it was going to cause a stir, but I like that about some ads, adds more entertainment to tv watching hehe...

    I just saw a Family Health Diary ad on TV today which I felt abit uncomfy with because I was watching it with the kids. It was discussing elevit & the new mens version (I think it's called melevit or something like that), anyways it had this massive close-up of a sperm & the kids were asking what it was. They're way too young for me to get into that discussion but sheesh, wasn't ready for that one, especially from a Family Health Diary ad lol. Read more about Worst Advert Ever

  • What Are Your New Years Resolutions?

    Last post: julz1983 on 01.01.12 at 02:39

    Well somewhere like the US is further down the list haha, we're heading to Tonga/Samoa which is their homeland & I want them to get a taste of the true Pacific Island culture/environment. 1-2 weeks obviously wouldn't be enough time to gain full value of it but I guess I just want them to gain some kind of deep rooted appreciation of who they are & where they come from. I can imagine myself doing a full commentary of everyone & everything as soon as we've landed lol. I havn't been to Tonga since I was 8, don't know what to expect this time round if we go there first.

    Are you originally from US Fi? Can't remember which thread I read it from but I got the idea that you are (correct me if wrong). Read more about What Are Your New Years Resolutions?

  • Entertainment Celebrity News & Gossip

    Last post: julz1983 on 31.12.11 at 12:09

    I'm not quite surprised by the one - Russell Brand & Katy Perry are getting divorced. Read more about Entertainment Celebrity News & Gossip

  • Marry Xmas & Happy New Year to Chelsey's STAFF

    Last post: julz1983 on 23.12.11 at 12:57

    Kinda random that this is in the health & fitness forum but anywho, cheers to you Chelsey & fellow contributors! Have a fab Xmas & bring on 2012! =) Read more about Marry Xmas & Happy New Year to Chelsey's STAFF

  • Your Best and Worst Moments in 2011

    Last post: julz1983 on 19.12.11 at 11:33

    Wasnt Kate & Wills royal wedding this year as well? I remember watching the coverage from around 4pm & the ceremony didn't start until freakin 10pm lol, I was almost asleep by then. Read more about Your Best and Worst Moments in 2011

  • Can you be fat and fit?

    Last post: julz1983 on 19.12.11 at 11:29

    Well I know you can be skinny & unfit lol Read more about Can you be fat and fit?


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