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  • Favorite Foods

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 24.06.13 at 10:58

    over the weekend a friend and I tried our luck at making Cinnabon rolls just like the one's we use to buy when we lived in the US from the Cinnabon store including trying to replicate the icing, I even made sure to have some considering me trying to eat more healthier and they turned out really well to the point that friends now what us to make them some, we found a great recipe and it turned out well, now only if I can figure out if they freeze well and how long they can be frozen for Read more about Favorite Foods

  • Gift for the person who has everything and wants nothing.

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 24.06.13 at 00:41

    even thought his post is old it would have been great to put together a little passion pack or pampering pack for the couple since it sounds like a wedding gift, put in a selection of lush chocolates, scent candles a great mix of music that you may know they like, a book like the karma sutra, some of the jewellery you were talking about before, you know his and her items, lingerie, edible flavours etc which they could have used to spice up their wedding night perhaps or their honeymoon, this would have been dependent on how well you knew them of cause, else it would get awkward lol Read more about Gift for the person who has everything and wants nothing.

  • Overcoming personal diferences

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 24.06.13 at 00:28

    opposites attract I would prefer it that way, makes it more interesting but everyone to there own, best to take each other as is, and treat them the way you or your loved ones would like to be treated... Read more about Overcoming personal diferences

  • My worst Movie of 2013....GAMBIT!!

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 24.06.13 at 00:05

    I know a lot of people liked Les Miserable, but for me I didn't it just didn't do anything for me I tried to get into but when Russell Crowe sang it actually made me cringe Read more about My worst Movie of 2013....GAMBIT!!

  • Can jeans be taken to exec level?

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 23.06.13 at 23:56

    I definitely agree too, darker jeans more options go with Read more about Can jeans be taken to exec level?

  • Is New Zealand too casual?

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 23.06.13 at 23:50

    Yes well I reckon he wore it just to lighten the mood as I was told that is his cheeky nature but apparently with dresses he draws the line lol Read more about Is New Zealand too casual?

  • Nail polish......Vinylux?

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 23.06.13 at 23:40

    I use to love getting my nails did and liked the french nails, and on special occasions the ones with intricate details on them, but now I don't bother as I am teaching myself how to play the guitar so long nails definitely wouldn't work for me.....though like StillMe I do like the clear polish.... Read more about Nail polish......Vinylux?

  • Pyjamas. All day.

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 23.06.13 at 23:36

    It seems to be a trend in the town my partner is from they go to the supermarket in their PJ's and onesies, roam around town in them, go to the ATM in one and even Mcdonalds. I was even at a pharmacy with my partner picking up his grannies meds, and a couple in front of us had a blanket wrapped around them. I giggled and looked at my partner and said your people (meaning locals) and he wasn't amused as were the other people there, some people just make no effort non at all Read more about Pyjamas. All day.

  • Do you buy 'natural' beauty products?

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 23.06.13 at 23:29

    I love the body shop too lol and I too question some of the so called natural products that have an oil greasy feel when applied so I ususally stick with my true and tested selection of products that I love to use and that feels great on and well you know what they say...if it ain't broken....ohhh I also like Simple beauty products the kind they sold in the UK when I was over there ended purchasing a lot of that.....but stick with what you love and how it feels on you, and don't fall for the hype of some products especially those often endorsed by celebs Read more about Do you buy 'natural' beauty products?

  • Is online shopping killing or saving the retail market?

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 23.06.13 at 23:23

    I think it depends really on ones preference, I find shopping online easier for me and the price is often cheaper than shopping locally, is it killing the local retail market in my opinion slowly, because unlike the USA online retail in NZ is just starting to pick up some momentum and users just find it more suitable to their needs, as well as having better access to international online shopping who have competitive prices and great shipping options. I suppose it just has to make local markets catch up more if they want to keep their walk in customers, some people enjoy visiting the stores and others would rather do so online with a few mouse clicks, online shopping in NZ will continue to grow, so local retailers will have to try and attract and retain customers, which in essence makes it good for us as the consumers Read more about Is online shopping killing or saving the retail market?

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