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  • What not to do when recovering from a break up

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 14.12.13 at 14:21

    not having a rebound root would be something to avoid and of course the killer of them all drunk dialing the guy you broke up with and proclaiming your ever lasting love for them lol especially if he did the bet is to take some time out for you to reassess everything and when your ready jump back into it, if you were the one who got dumped if you were the person who did the dumping....don't be a douche and rub the guys face in it when you are with someone else and see him at the same place....better to show some class instead of being a clown after all you did have feelings for the guy move on and let him do so too Read more about What not to do when recovering from a break up

  • Ideas for a cheap and casual wedding day

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 14.12.13 at 14:15

    Do what you want to do and what is in your budget after all it is your special day and not your daughters, if you need more funds try having a sale of some sort you may have items you want to get rid of and so you may make some money or come up with a quirky idea that involves the people if it is going to be really informal and you are not worried about prezzies ask them to bring a long a hot or cold dish instead, if you need photographer or videographer look at your local education providers their might be students their who require extra credit or something and so may do your wedding at a low cost, you should also look at the salvo's or some other retro stores for a wedding type dress and then adjust it to suit or perhaps even consider renting one or get the dress from the salvos and rent all your accessories to go with it i.e. shoes, jewellery etc and the $2 dollar shop has a wonderful array of artsy craft items that can be changed into wonderful wedding pieces on the cheap I have done that before for a friends hen party to deocrate a room she had reserved to hold the main part of the night with 20 friends and they all loved it and she was shocked to hear that decorating the whole room only cost $50 and a lot of imagination and glue lol so jot down ideas and possibilities and go from there.....good luck for your special day Read more about Ideas for a cheap and casual wedding day

  • whats your fav cookie

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 14.12.13 at 14:04

    I love Griffins Macaroons and Toffee Pops always reminds of Carlos Spencer too lol *grins* I remember when I was living in the US my mum always sent me care packs of mostly kiwiana stuff and I always requested Griffins products especially Toffee Pops and Macaroons so delish and still my favourite bickkies Read more about whats your fav cookie

  • Christmas Tree....

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 14.12.13 at 13:53

    no real xmas tree for us this year, as we are having xmas away from home, so we have a little artificial one up and few decorations just to be festive but my partners family have gone all out with their decorations so am looking forward to getting away for the holis Read more about Christmas Tree....

  • Kiwi Music & Artists

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 14.12.13 at 13:51

    Its great that the international community are finally recognise more kiwi acts, as their is so much talent here yet most are never fully recognised for those talents and thankfully to artists like Lorde and Ginny Blackmore perhaps the US will start looking our way, so much talent needs to be on centre stage Read more about Kiwi Music & Artists

  • Looking great, depends on...

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 14.12.13 at 12:58

    feeling comfortable in yourself and not changing you to make others feel better don't let other peoples comments try and sculpt you to their idea of what is ideal Read more about Looking great, depends on...

  • Crooked teeth: the new sexy!

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 14.12.13 at 12:51

    Man some people yuck crooked teeth how gross, am happy with my straight white clean pearlies.....can't believe people would consider this type of procedure as a trend are they crazy! its bad enough Kayne West had all his bottom teeth removed and had diamond row put in instead now that is just batty but wanting crooked teeth especially if there was nothing wrong with them in the first place is just plain losing the plot Read more about Crooked teeth: the new sexy!

  • Why It's down 2 percent

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 14.12.13 at 12:44

    well it seems nothing much has changed in GF spam still showing up on all the threads lol Read more about Why It's down 2 percent

  • Win 1 of 2 Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 14.12.13 at 12:16

    yes it would be nice to try Read more about Win 1 of 2 Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce

  • Win a Reflect Black Wash

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 14.12.13 at 12:16

    Be in a great use for cleaning clothes over the festive season after all the festive eating etc Read more about Win a Reflect Black Wash


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