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  • Aqua-aerobics - float to be free

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 06.01.14 at 01:11

    over the summer aqua aerobics would be great, and I have been doing them in a pool any chance I get Read more about Aqua-aerobics - float to be free

  • Personal techi devices

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 24.12.13 at 10:53

    I need to get me a new phone my touch screen on my current is going berserk suppose it doesn't help that my niece dropped it in some water, but at least i can still make and receive calls for now lol Read more about Personal techi devices

  • New products - all they're made out to be?

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 24.12.13 at 10:48

    I definitely agree, else they have some superstar actor/actress or musician sell it to you, and unfortunately a lot of people purchase products that way and half the time these stars that endorse the products don't even use them or only saw them for the first time when making the ad for them Read more about New products - all they're made out to be?

  • Shoes - so many choices!

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 24.12.13 at 10:43

    initially i wasn't into shoes either was happy wearing my flats, but I knew in my jobs at that time I needed to have better office type shoes and so with a lot of second thoughts bought my first pair, mind you I did go to the office in flats and leave in flats just used heels at the office, am glad I no longer have to do that anymore :-) Read more about Shoes - so many choices!

  • Merry Christmas Chelsey Team!

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 23.12.13 at 14:41

    Merry Christmas Chelsey Team, thanks for the cool articles and wonderful comps you have, best of luck over the festive season and have a prosperous New Year for 2014 all the best everyone! Read more about Merry Christmas Chelsey Team!

  • Men in Suits - Don't A Lot of 'Blokes' Scrub Up Well?

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 23.12.13 at 14:39

    men in well fitting tailored suits are really sexy especially if they wear it well and the accessories they have with it are great too, its all about how they carry themselves in these suits that makes it cool, in saying that though I think a man who is comfortable in himself usually shows through any clothing anyway character to me always trumps clothing Read more about Men in Suits - Don't A Lot of 'Blokes' Scrub Up Well?

  • Wedding Family Dramas

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 23.12.13 at 14:37

    place setting family members next to other family members who never get on always causes drama, or the uncles or cousins who start drinking way before the reception starts and either turns into a stripper or a boxer those seem to be some interesting moments or if the groom or brides parents are separated or divorced and they bring their new significant younger other with them, that can be interesting too Read more about Wedding Family Dramas

  • Great relationships - couples vs married couples

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 23.12.13 at 14:30

    I'm not married but have been with my partner for a number of years and my parents have been happily married for 55 years and his parents for 60 years and they both seem to be very happy together, but they all have said it comes down to compromise, communication and a good laugh and the rest will just fall into place, so if they are any examples then great relationships can happen but I also think that you have to always keep working on a relationship and don't do anything just keep reminding that special one how special you thing they are Read more about Great relationships - couples vs married couples

  • Going Dutch - dining out

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 23.12.13 at 14:22

    I wouldn't mind having to pay for my own meal unless I was explicitly invited out for a meal, but even then I would make sure I have cash on hand just in case Read more about Going Dutch - dining out

  • Visiting Grandma... how old is old?

    Last post: Dee-Dee on 23.12.13 at 10:02

    It never to old to visit Grandma or any older relatives, they usually love the visit and it is good to see how they are doing I just wish my grandparents were still alive to enjoy the experiences they were so awesome my grandmas were great cooks, and the stories they use to tell us as children its moments like those that are to be treasured and remembered Read more about Visiting Grandma... how old is old?


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