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  • Period Pain

    Last post: New Member on 25.07.11 at 14:03

    I used to have such bad period pains for the first day or two of my period. It used to make me throw up sometimes... I've found that being on the contraceptive pill made the pains almost completely go away. My doctor also suggested I could try these pills called tranexamic, they are supposed to lessen the amount of bleeding which should help reduce the pain. I'd definitely suggest talking to your doctor about it Read more about Period Pain

  • Healthy Mind

    Last post: New Member on 25.07.11 at 13:59

    I love doing things like this! I also love doing things like homemade facials or body scrubs. anything that makes me feel pretty and pampered! Read more about Healthy Mind

  • Blogs

    Last post: New Member on 25.07.11 at 12:47

    I love the blog Hyperbole and a Half - it's really aimed to provide entertainment more than anything else Read more about Blogs

  • Favourite books

    Last post: New Member on 25.07.11 at 12:45

    I'm a huge fan of fantasy books, I love the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (it's much better fantasy than Twilight). I also really like books by Jodi Picoult, and I recently read the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson - it was pretty good! Read more about Favourite books

  • Online Gaming

    Last post: New Member on 25.07.11 at 12:43

    I've done online gambling but I'm not the sort of person to ever put money into it. I've also tried various other types of online games... World of Warcraft was fun but I wouldn't like to pay for it every month. I like playing games like Call of Duty online but I'm so terrible at them that I don't play too much Read more about Online Gaming

  • Movies is it better to buy or to rent whats your view

    Last post: New Member on 25.07.11 at 12:40

    I personally dislike renting movies. I don't like paying so much for something that I have to return, and might not even enjoy. I like buying DVDs but I really only buy them if I'm sure they're going to be great, and something that I'll watch again. There's not much point in buying if you're only going to watch it once! Read more about Movies is it better to buy or to rent whats your view

  • Music - Who still buys CDs ??

    Last post: New Member on 25.07.11 at 12:37

    I very rarely buy CDs, but in all honesty, I was never much of a CD buyer, even before the time of mp3s and iTunes. I only buy a CD if I'm seriously loving the band. I think my last CD purchase was 3 years ago... Read more about Music - Who still buys CDs ??

  • HAIR - Prices

    Last post: New Member on 25.07.11 at 12:35

    I usually stick to home dyes, I get a friend to do it for me because I'm not so sure about doing it myself. They've released a few new "foaming" hair dyes, which are supposed to be easier to use - I haven't used one myself yet though, so I can't comment on how it turns out. Hair cuts are so expensive! I usually stick to cheap places to keep my hair trimmed when it needs it, and only go to the more expensive places when I want a change of style. I once tried going to the student salon in Auckland - it used to be called Winter's School of Hairdressing Salon but might have a different name now. Getting hair cut there was actually really good, because although you have a student cutting, there is constantly a supervisor present who will often help out. I also got a few highlights put in there. It's much cheaper as they are really only trying to cover the cost of the product. Read more about HAIR - Prices


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