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Stuart Macadam

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The Lewis Road Creamery or “those guys who make the mean as chocolate milk” (according to a young person I asked) have created a hype similar to the I-Phone craze. With people lining out the door and Facebook pages which identify the locations where their chocolate milk will be, it’s sometimes easy to forget about its other lesser known products. It’s these products funnily enough which actually established the company’s reputation as a quality provider of dairy products.

I was lucky enough to try everything in their range. Their Premium butter (unsalted and lightly salted), pure organic single and double cream, as well as their line of milks; homogenised, non-homogenised and, you guessed it the chocolate milk.

With several family members we sampled each product carefully, sometimes complementing it with other consumables.

Up first were the creams. It certainly is harder to drink cream so we used it in some cooking. Single cream was lighter in colour, more synonymous with the bulk production stuff you’d walk past at the store. Cooking with it was lovely.

The double cream, much darker in colour seems to work nicely when whipped up. The older wiser battalion from my family suggested that lighter creams work well in cooking whilst heavier creams hold their mark in other areas. I agreed. To all of us the creams were in a league of their own so it was always going to be a challenge to find a product which could match it.

Non-homogenized milk-based on the information available-does not carry extra bacteria. It is a good fit for people who are hoping to remain as close as possible to the milk from the cow. The company is one of the select few who provide the non-homogenized option. This would be a product which would hold a good market among older people.

It was very satisfying to taste milk which had been produced on a smaller scale. One aspect in particular which stood out more was the sweetness of the milk. It just tasted amazing.

Lewis Road Creamery also provide a permeate free range of milk, a victory of sorts for those who have a disdain for the “gree snot-like” product in Fonterra and Goodman Fielder’s mass produced milk.

Whittakers teamed up with Lewis Road Creamery to fill an order for roughly 1,000 litres or 2,000 bottles altogether of 300ml and 750ml milk. It sold out consistently and now the order tops 20,000 litres a day. I’d discovered my mother and sister couldn’t contain themselves and took a few sips of the milk, leaving everything else untouched. Well when it finally came to taste time my verdict came straight away. It’s creamier than most chocolate milks, packs a good level of sweetened taste and is as good as people make it out to be. But don’t overdo it because at around 1,000 calories per 750ml serving it’s a guilty indulgence to be enjoyed on special occasion. Perhaps it is a good thing there are limits to how much of it you are able to buy. It isn’t the most astounding drink ever but it certainly is enjoyable.

It was hard to discern the difference in taste between the butters from Lewis Road against butter from another company. “Butter’s butter,” my dad tells me. Perhaps he ought to know having worked in the dairy industry for many years. Everyone seemed to enjoy the butter on their toast and while there were no complaints, there weren’t many plaudits.

After trying all the products, it appears the creams might actually be the best. Feel free to throw your empty chocolate milk bottles at me for that assessment; at least make an effort to try Lewis Road Creamery’s other products before taking aim.

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