Interview: Rosanna Marks

Rosanna Marks is the founder of The Mind Body Institute in Grey Lynn. Her Aroha Healing programme has helped many fertility challenged couples,  and her general programmes including Reiki and Kahuna

Massage are a god-send to the work weary and emotionally drained.  

You run the Mind Body Institute- what exactly do you do there?

What we teach at Mind Body Institute is how to help you create the life you love.  We offer an array of holistic treatments, programs and nature retreats.  Our specialties include Hawaiian Ka huna massage, Reiki energy healing, Aroha healing massage (a fusion of Hawaiian Ka huna massage, Miri miri (traditional Maori healing arts), Energy healing and Chakra balancing), and our Aroha healing programs for self development and fertility.

Our massages are unique, life changing, energising yet relaxing, an experience not to be missed! 

Why did you decide that working as a holistic therapist & healer was the path for you?

For me, beauty definitely goes a lot deeper than just the skin.  I held some pretty impressive positions previously as Education manager for Estee Lauder, and Training & promotions executive for Chanel.  I educated beauty advisors, worked as an internationally trained makeup artist, fragrance specialist and beauty therapist and travelled to Chanel promotions in various states in Australia.  I was lucky enough to attend some incredible Estee Lauder conferences across the globe, where I learnt so much.   Although an incredible journey, I always had an innate feeling that I needed something more in life, and was destined for more spiritual teachings & practices. My corporate background in the beauty industry led me to set up Mind Body Institute in order to assist men and women to achieve their full potential in all areas of their lives via a more holistic approach.

You specialise in fertility treatments, what exactly are they and how do they work?

Usually women suffering from infertility are directed to medical intervention; IVF and hormone injections. While these procedures do work for some, they are extremely costly, invasive, time consuming and can be painful. These procedures are used to treat the symptoms of infertility. Aroha Healing focuses on discovering the root cause of the problem, and can work perfectly as a complementary service to medical treatments.

The Aroha Healing Fertility program combines unique and powerful ancient spiritual philosophies, holistic methodology, meditation, dynamic bodywork and dance with a modern, earthy twist to assist in increasing your chances of conceiving naturally without invasive intervention. Hawaiian Ka huna massage, Aroha Healing Miri miri creative floor work, Reiki energy healing, herbal consultations & fertility assisting herbs, healing mudras and meditation to release anxiety and focus your intention to conceive, holistic nutritional advice and Bellydance (the ancient spiritual dance of fertility and birthing), allow the systems of the body to swiftly unblock and clear the way both physically and mentally, to support a more balanced & fertile you.
We adapt programs to suit men, women and couples with fertility.

Some people might think it’s a bit kooky- do you find there is more widespread acceptance of these more unusual treatments these days?

Slowly but steadily people are looking for a more natural, holistic approach to their ailments, and to help dissolve the effects of stress and anxiety in their lives.  I work on identifying the core of the issue, as opposed to treating the effect.  There are now are growing number of holistic therapies that are supported and accepted by mainstream society. For example Reiki is an extremely pleasant, holistic method of healing, powerful, yet wonderfully gentle and nurturing, addressing the well-being of an individual on all levels, bringing balance to mind and body. Reiki can be used without fear of any unwanted side-effects. Reiki is a support to the body and a complimentary therapy and therefore works in conjunction with and as an adjunct to other forms of treatment and therapy.  Reiki is one of many Eastern healing traditions, and is becoming more widely accepted by the Western culture, as is meditation, yoga and acupuncture.  We also offer ancient indigenous massages, such as Hawaiian Ka huna massage (known as the massage of life), working on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects, and flowing of pure energy through the body.  A fusion of Hawaiian Ka huna philosophies and bodywork, Traditional Maori healing arts, energy healing and chakra balancing form the Aroha Healing massage, another of our more popular massages for de-stressing and clearing the mind.

What power does the mind have over the body? For example, can we think ourselves sick?

This following quote sums this question up for me perfectly....'What we think we become.  All that we are arises with our thoughts, we make the world' ~ Buddha

What is the best thing about being in business?

It is so liberating to have the freedom to express and implement my own creative ideas without limitations, and also to be doing what I feel truly passionate about.    

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

My greatest reward is the amazing transformative, positive healing & growth of my clients. My clients are diverse and range from busy corporate professionals, self employed business professionals, creative’s, at home mums and dads, and students – all requiring education of how to create healing, love and balance in their lives.

What do we need to do more of?

We need more self love, community, calm & kindness, patience, nurturing and living more simply, organically and in harmony with the earth.

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  • Anna says
    have anyone ever had any holistic type treatments before?? what are they like!?!
    • KH says
      Not anything like this but it sounds lovely and worth trying!
    • Wice says
      It seems to make sense that if we can make ourselves ill through stress, then just maybe we can make ourselves well by focusng on relaxations and harmony in our lives. I'm not sure about the specifics, in fact I am rather sceptical . However, the mind is a very powerful thing and even if it is just believing that improves your life well, why not if you can afford it!

      Have to say, whether or not the photo of Rosanna has been retouched, she certainly looks healthy and glowing. So lovely to see a picture of someone like this rather than the usual emaciated health gurus that normally seem to reign!
    • New Member says
      Rosannna is lovely and no retouching on the photos, just some basic white balance corrections : ( thanks
    • flowery3 says
      I would love to try this form of healing as if fits so well with my personal perspective. I think healthy, and so I am - thus I shouldnt need any healing at all - but in fact Im not perfect, so sometimes, like today, I do feel a little under the weather. Its rare but it happens, perhaps to remind me that we all need one another, no man or woman is an island....
      • KH says
        Are you near enough to visit this place in particular? It would be such a nice prize!
      • flowery3 says
        I am indeed lucky enough to live within striking distance of this lovely lady, although since I have to work unpaid for 3 months to get my NZ registration approved, cost is an issue. However if I need her, I am confident that the world will find a way to connect us! And you are right, that would be a perfect chelsey style prize, we are holistic type girls mostly!
      • KH says
        Cost is often a factor for me with things like this too. I've never really tried anything along these lines, but would love to. So it is nice to see things like this as prizes, so at least someone will be able to enjoy it!
      • Trileenie says
        I can say from experience that these treatments are simply incredible! Way more 'complete' than a standard massage, you really feel so rejeuvenated and peaceful afterwards, Rosanna is a very special lady (and yes, she actually glows all the time!)
        • KH says
          Thanks for sharing that! It's so nice to hear!
        • New Member says
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