The Infinity Assumption


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Content is king is the oldage saying of Internet Marketing


It still is (we’re still telling stories right)

However is your content scalable?

Have you maximised the opportunity for it to spread?

If not.  Your wasting time.  Build some systems now for all content.

Make the infinity assumption.  My content will be out there for infinity.  Surely i should put some systems in now to leverage the time component.

Some ideas:

  • Share via a blog
  • Share on
  • Integrate social bookmarking (make it easy for friends to share)
  • Destroy any barriers to accessing your content
  • Get it syndicated
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  • Wice says
    I set up my business website some years ago using CS3 Dreamweaver. It was relatively easy to figure out how it worked and I was pleased with the result. However, this software has since changed radically and I wouldn't know where to begin using the new versions. I would love to expand my website but once again, I wish that it was not so expensive to get help in this area. I seem to be constantly weighing up benefits and costs and sadly, having to fall on the side of economy.
  • Dee-Dee says
    Content can kill one's marketing to.....has to be informative but not a novel else visitors to the site will just go somewhere else...I reckon embracing social media is the way to go combining ones blog or website with facebook and twitter is the way to go because of it's global reach potential...I have friends in business who value their face book pages more than their website or blog and drive their content and information using face book as the main's great because they can link their websites and blogs directly to their face book pages and I have been told since they had these operating they have found more activity on their FB pages and web site so it can't be a bad thing...another plus is most of the stuff they use are open source so it is free....I really want to start up my own blog....etc etc etc...but I don't have the time to fully concentrate on it but....after seeing what my friends have done I have definitely taken note....
  • Rosie says
    ITA DeeMar, facebook marketing has gone crazy in the last year mostly because it's so simple: make a facebook page, link back to your website, update your facebook page about once a day about products/services/whatever, make a competition, share with your friends & encourage them to share
  • Rosie says
    It's interesting what he says about the infinity assumption. I'm not even sure I want to check if our website has integrated social bookmarking or not, but as we're a business that you should only need every 15 years or so, then I don't think the need is so important.
  • Dee-Dee says
    @Rosie and yes it is increasing exponentially more and more businesses are using FB combined with Twitter as the steering wheel for there business and I don't blame them you can get apps that can combine or this media and place it on your desktop and like you said sharing the info to friends is totally easy and at no cost and it's on going sharing of this info that makes having FB pages vital, especially considering many people of all ages and backgrounds spend a majority of time in either FB or twitter so why not capture that potential I say....and encourage by give aways etc etc could only be good for business
  • Rosie says
    not that you or I would spend a lot of our day on either lol ;)
  • Starlite5 says
    Facebook and Twitter have certainly got the right idea about linking up businesses to social media to get the most exposure and with all the different apps and devices access to the internet has never been so prevelant. Strike while the iron is hot especially in this economic climate but the challenge will be with what...brain storming time!
    • Dee-Dee says definitely a good idea to utilise these mediums for more effective and efficient business.....and social media is definitely providing the tools and resources to do it
      • Anna says
        we just figurered out a problem with using facebook though... we had facebooked linked up as part of the blog on our company website... but because of that companies who block the use of facebook and social network sights (whic more and more companies do...).... it then means that our sight 'counted' as a facebook sight... and was therefore blocked!! our numbers decreased dramatically! lol so we quickly stopped that.. but still.. lesson learnt!!
        • Dee-Dee says
          ...that's interesting that more companies are blocking face book I have read a number of articles in Forbes, Harvard Business Review and I think the other was Mashable....where many companies including corporates in the US are now allowing their employees to utilise these medias as part of their working it would be counter active not to...because of the global exposure these medias have for potential markets....and the need to keep socially networked in tune...

          I don't know to what scale these employees access and use face book are but apparently organisations are expecting future returns on it. It is probably marketing (SEO/SEM), advertising and networking I suspect.......

          But I can see where it could also be a hindrance to business practices as well.....especially in relation to privacy of info.....
        • New Member says
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