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Giving away stuff for free is such a joy.


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  • Coffees
  • Ebooks
  • Connections
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It is so relieving; not stressing about making a few bucks on an ebook, or negotiating rates for a hour long meeting.  Worrying I am not getting enough money. I don’t make any money off this and never intend to do so, I do it for fun. 

By deciding this is what I do for free.  This is where i make money and this is where I don’t.

It let’s me get those things done, no stress, then focus on those that make me money.

The crucial thing is the free doesn’t destroy business value, it forces you to focus on areas where you extract additional value.

What barriers can you destroy? To unlock what you have and just give it away for free? Be it reports, knowledge, ideas, systems…

Unlocking these expands your presence in your market and thus your opportunity to maximise the cashflow opportunities.

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  • Wice says
    I' love my work but have always hated charging for it and undercharge rather than overcharge.

    However after years in business, very sadly, I have found that the more I give away, the more my clients expect. You seldom get an acknowledgement, let alone a thank you when you do anything extra for them. People phone and ask for this and that'; can I just do them this little favour?; or they need something urgently and could I do this little job it at night for them? They phone for free advice, free files.... you name it! I have a minimum charge for any work which takes less than an hour. All my clients know this but when they see I haven’t charged them (say something only takes 15 mintues), what do they do? Ask for more!

    Today I was out of town and found I had left an important piece of paper with driving instructions it in my office. I went to the tourist information centre – just a little office in a little town. It was early and there was no one else there - only me and the two women who worked there. I explained my predicament and asked if they would mind if I had someone fax through a single page to me on their fax machine. Even though we all knew it would cost them nothing, I said I was happy to pay for it. What did they say – No!

    Eventually I found a business centre which was open and asked there. This time I got an ok. I waited and waited and waited and waited. Then the guy said, he’d forgotten to turn on the machine! I phoned my office again. This time they guy handed me the sheet of paper. I asked him what I owed him. $1. Can you take a credit card I asked? No! I had to go back to my car and search through all the pockets till I eventually found 8, ten cent pieces! I had been talking to a German tourist while I waited and she gave me the extra 20 cents!

    What a miserable lot of Kiwis I encountered today. I hope this is not how we are treating all the RWC visitors.
  • Anna says
    yer that is always a tough thing... but the thing is people always loooove getting something for free... the thing is you have to balance the free with you still making money!!!
  • KH says
    I think there will always be some that notice too. Maybe those are the ones that really matter.
  • Starlite5 says
    Some people don't realise how their pessimistic sourness affects others...and how good it feels to help out someone else.

    I love getting things for free as it creates a sense of loyalty to that brand or definitely to the business providing the service or product and saying thank you goes a long way in how they continue to do business with you.
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