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When overwhelmed looked at what creates the waterfall, what one problem when solved will solve all the others.

As a startup this is usually just sales, if you have sales, everything else tends to fall into place.

I was reminded of this as we met with an augmented reality company, who said users tended to just focus on the software and lose focus on their surroundings.  Which actually meant they performed much better, as they focused on one thing, and everything else fell into place.

It’s like playing a racing game, you can focus on trying to beat your competitors, watch the clock, avoid obstacles, use boost and upgrades to win OR you can focus on great driving and just that.  It’s great driving which wins the race and everything else falls to the wayside.

Focus on the one issue which drives success of everything else. Finding this issue or problem, which in solving, solves all your others.

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  • Keri Henare says
    Nice article Ben.
    • coco says
      Great piece of advice!
    • Cataren says
      Great nugget of wisdom there Ben...It is so easy to get overwhelmed, but sometimes take the time to take a step back and even draw inspiration from a waterfull can be soulquenching:-)
    • Laura_actually says
      The world and all it's people need to start thinking like this one inspirational man.
    • milliestar says
      What a powerful piece of wisdom - i've been through alot in my life and spent alot of time beating up on myself about things. Taking three deep breaths and considering what creates the waterfall, is exactly what i'll do next time everything seems too much - thanks Chelsey!
    • nzmonstar says
      Great advice - too often we look at the negative in life.
    • Lara says
      This is such a great reminder, and definately something to think about and remember.
      Thank you :)
    • shopping says
      thanks for that :) great
    • KH says
      Sounds good to me!
    • coco says
      Does sound great
    • Anna says
      sound fantastic!!!

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