Stand on the shoulders of giants


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If someone has done it before, find out what they did, take it on board and start iterating. It’s the exact model we did at College, find some good ideas, reference them, link to our own. How come we don’t do this in business?

on the shoulders of giants

Hire smarter (than you) people, learn from them, decode others ideas, break them down, rebuild them.

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  • feeboo says
    Everyone has different strengths if you are in a management position and dont use key people with 'smarts' in different areas of expertise than you, then you are destined to be ho-hum at your role.
  • felix says
    I think it does happen in business all the time. Take Mark Zuckerberg - you could say he had skill and ideas but leveraged off fellow students ideas to really shine. And they weren't doing anything particularly groundbreaking (my space, Bebo existed long before), it was a re-interpretation of others ideas. Our work has a think tank where we are encouraged to share ideas and help others with problems. It is a conversation with management who take on-board our ideas and advice, not just dictate.
  • Claire1971 says
    Is this just another way of saying "There's no point reinventing the wheel"? I agree you have to learn from the experiences of others, but overdone it can turn into simple plagiarism. Innovation is the key to business success.
  • Anna says
    there are soo many things these days that are simply just copies... or 'upgrades' from the past... people seem to have lost actual originality...
  • KH says
    Not sure that I agree with this article.
  • New Member says
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