Pick a Path

Now take it.


Chances are you will be on the wrong path.

It doesn’t matter, your moving.

You can always change or create a new path later.

The biggest inherent problem we all have is lack of focus.

If you pick a path stick with it.

You will find fantastic things will happen.

It will be tough at times.  But persist. Keep at it.

Perseverance is genius.


Ben Young, serial entrepreneur, speaker, author and founder of bwagy shares daily ideas on his blog in small digestible bites, aimed to make you rethink business, marketing and the world around you. check out http://blog.bwagy.com

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  • Anna says
    but i like to change my mind...
  • KH says
    It's a bit hard to know though which to go with "You can always change or create a new path later." or "If you pick a path stick with it."
  • Wice says
    Yes. the way I read it, this article seems to takes two different perspectives and attempts to meld them together - somewhat unsuccessfully.
  • Starlite5 says
    I believe in perserverance but if the path I have chosen to take doesn't make me happy or content then no amount of preservering is going to make it successful...I believe true success in whatever path you have chosen comes from having the right attitude after all no one got rich, or is find happiness by being negative all the time!
  • Wice says
    I'm happy (well determined) to suffer the pain if it takes me to my ultimate goal. That Edison quote ""Genius: one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration" was drummed into me at school and I have found that it is quite true. I have achieved things I never thought I could just by sticking at them and facing the challenge. It's hard to see this in relationships but in a work situation, the payoff is much more obvious.
  • Elisha says
    Cross your fingers and Pick a Path ;-)
  • New Member says
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