Interview: Catherine Newton

Stuart Macadam

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I didn’t expect to arrive at the café Catherine had agreed to meet me at 20 minutes early. However, in doing so I got an opportunity to see the “success coach” in action. She was working one on one with a client who is going to be climbing up Mount Everest. When my time came and I got introduced, I discovered this client had a physical impairment. Need any more inspiration?

Look no further. Looking at all the things which Newton has achieved in such a short period of time, it’s hard not to be inspired. She is an award winning success coach, best-selling author, speaker, trainer and currently spending the next few months being a suitcase entrepreneur, proving that you can grow a business and combine a passion for global travel and adventure – all while launching her new online Coaching School!

“My speciality is working with women entrepreneurs globally and helping them to take their burning desire, their passion, to do something with their lives and turn it into a business that they’re proud of, that they can make a great income from and that has them feeling that they are really connected into their Divine purpose.”

For every success coach, there are going to be success stories. And Newton is certainly not short of one. Just four days ago she was at an event when two women came up to her to say thank you.

“It was just amazing to have two women I've never met before come up to me and tell me that they’ve heard me speak, and that I had literally changed their lives. It happens more and more now, as they find me through my webinars, blogs or my book or having attended a training event. This is very humbling, and is also a huge driver for me.”

This ferocious drive to succeed was not always there. It began with a gradual build-up of events, starting with Newton’s first reading of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

“That for me was a massive turning point. I read the book and I just knew that this was going to be an integral part of my work. I had no idea how. It was a deeply connected feeling. So, I got on with my life until the turning point came.  It wasn't a down on my knees moment, it was just that, suddenly, my path started to change, slowly, gradually and easily. The long and short of it is that I ended up leaving my husband in March of 2007. And my new path began to unfold.”

After her marriage ended the fork in the road came up. She had run an importing business with her husband and had two children. Then a realisation or calling came. Undeterred by the circumstances, she decided to go back to where her working career began. As a teacher where she could coach women on how they can be successful in business and in life.

“The joy I had was connecting with the customers, listening to them and making them feel inspired and motivated, on many levels –business and personal.  That was what I loved to do. I turned down job after job after job until I had an epiphany while attending a Women’s expo, that what I REALLY wanted to do, was to help women who had come from a situation like mine, who wanted to expand their potential and didn’t want to settle any more. Who wanted more out of life. Who wanted to stop living in a fog.”

Newton trained as a Life Coach and a Law of Attraction practitioner. The business was so successful, that within 9 months, her practice was full of clients. As word of mouth got out, the waiting list began to grow bigger every day.

The vast understanding of the human psyche came through many hours of learning. Newton says that at one stage she spent as much time as possible attending events or doing some form of training.

“Motivational speaker Jack Canfield once said he’d spent 33 weekends attending some kind of personal/professional development event. At the peak of my leaning I spent 35 weeks going to events or seminars, or doing some form of online training. Jack said it himself; the better we know ourselves the more we can explore who we really are and what’s really possible.”

It never felt like work or a burden. Over the 30 minute interview she regularly reminded me that learning and training more never feels like work.

“The truth is, I love what I do so much and I'm so motivated by it, that learning and training more is never ‘work’ to me. It’s an integral part of my life and has expanded my coaching expertise phenomenally. I have literally travelled the globe gaining my education – from Canada, the USA, Australia and the UK.”

With all the networking which has been done, she has rubbed shoulders with some big names. Some of her mentors include Oprah Winfrey’s long-time boyfriend Stedham Graham and Donald Trump’s former right hand man George H. Ross.

With a charismatic smile and an abundance of energy, I somehow  let slip a question I usually avoid asking. What inspires you to get out of bed in the morning? I try rephrasing it. What motivates you?

“Experiences like what happened that Friday night when those women came to me and said ‘you changed my life…’ That's the stuff that gets me out of bed in the morning. We never quite realise the impact that we have on people until we start doing it.

To me, it's that realisation that what I do makes a difference. I could say to you it's because I know I can make fabulous money doing what I love, however, what I notice – and this is the same with the women I work with primarily – is that it's not about the

money. It's about the impact that we have on those we are here to help.”

Although her schedule these days is almost always full, don’t let this stop you from connecting with Catherine. She is always willing to work with women who are interested in developing their full potential.

As we walk to the car, she makes a rather kind offer to sit down and give me a free consultation. Based off the success of her other clients, I’d be mighty foolish to turn it down.

How did your coaching and training business get created?

I remember the moment when my new business was created, the one I do now – coaching and supporting women entrepreneurs. I was speaking on stage at a Business event about Mindset and a woman came to me and asked: How did you do that with your business, how did you grow it so quickly? She was a coach and trainer herself and I ended up actually helping her to grow her business. That’s how I came to work almost primarily with women in business. It just evolved from a passion. Helping them to take their business and have the confidence to stop being a best kept secret, to market it effectively and sell their products and services - and get over worthiness issues, and show them how to stop holding themselves back.

What would you say are the three primary factors that business owners need to know?

I learnt very early on, as a business owner, that there are three primary factors that were going to make a difference in building a business or not. The first one was connections. Who was I connecting to? I knew that I wanted to work primarily with women, and as far as where they were, I knew it was up to me to go out there and find them. So I had to build connections, build relationships, talk to the right people.  

The second one was credibility, like what you guys do at ‘Chelsea’ and ‘Get Frank’, you publish people, you interview people and you help make them credible.  Because when you write an article about them, they suddenly become ‘published.’ The credibility factor is absolutely huge once you start getting published.

As my business and my confidence in myself grew, I actively sought credibility. I constantly asked myself the question, “How I can I grow my business faster? How can I get more credibility?”

I then started writing for various magazines, and online blogs but I also start attending overseas conferences and high-profile business events and was in the right place at the right time to get photographed with some credible people like Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Steve Wozniak, Eric Trump, George Ross, Kathy Ireland, Steadman Graham etc.

I was featured in Inc magazine and was invited to appear on a Premier Experts show on US television which featured on ABC, Fox and CNBC. I also co-authored a book ‘Think and Grow Rich Today’ to mark the 75th anniversary of the iconic original Think and Grow Rich.

The last one is visibility. So now that I'm published, and now that I've got the book and now that I've got the video, what am I going do with it? The key thing was to be seen at events, be seen talking to people, be seen in my local community, be seen making a difference. Be seen making an online presence too (at the moment I blog daily which is expanding my reach, using keywords that my audience are looking for).

Those were my three factor that I used to run my business. Connections, credibility and visibility.

How do you help women entrepreneurs?

What’s also really important to me, is that I don’t just coach women entrepreneurs on how to reach their potential in their business and make more money. I'd like to think that if you spoke to my clients, they’d tell you that what I do is so different to any other business coach.

I often say that if Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Oprah and Bob Proctor had a love child, it would be me. That’s because I’m part success strategist, part marketing maven and part spiritual soul with a side of manifesting magic.

Which is why I call myself a success coach. I was told the other day that I’m like the Tony Robbins of New Zealand. I know that's a big thing to say, but I'm just quoting what I was told… The reason you could say I’m like Tony Robbins is because I come from the business angle, but I motivate and inspire people and I help them to overcome their blocks, which is all to do with the personal side. So a big part of what I work on with my clients is about confidence and valuing yourself.

I don't believe that there is anyone in the entrepreneurial coaching space or the business coaching space in New Zealand who primarily helps women to deal with their blocks around money and their challenges around worthiness and their confidence to reach their potential, or who champions them to take centre stage in their lives and their business. I do that. And it fills me with joy to help create successful businesses.

What are some success stories of you clients?

I could share many examples, but let me tell you about Amy McAuley. She has a company called PowerhoopNZ. It's the latest exercise craze. Power hoopNZ has just come to New Zealand and she has the franchise for it for New Zealand and Australia. I’ve been working with her on the principles I mentioned earlier. By following these steps she’s been invited to go on stage in front of 4,500 at a community event, she's speaking at conferences, being invited to promote her product at gyms and she’s getting PR opportunities  too.

So what we did with Amy, is what I do with all of clients. We first got her out of her own way and had her authentically believe that she could do it. The biggest problem I see with creative women who run their own businesses, time and time again is that they don’t believe in themselves or their ability to make fabulous money for herself in her business.

Often they are so people-orientated, that business and money acumen is a skill they have trouble grasping at first.

So first we released any attachment to lack, delay or failure, especially around money. Then we built up her confidence, and then we got her building connections and credibility and visibility. Now her business has absolutely sky rocketed, it’s business is thriving and she’s making great money doing what she loves.

This is all part of what I know I can teach women to do - when they get out of their own way, when they expand themselves into their potential, they step into their true selves. Then there’s no holding back, and they see just how worthy they are.

In regards to Amy, I just love the way that, as she would tell you herself, her life has completely changed because now she actually believes in herself and the work she does. She sees the impact it makes and the significance she is bringing to people’s lives through PowerhoopNZ.

How awesome is that? To go from not valuing yourself, not believing in yourself, and not thinking you’re good enough to being fully transformed. It’s an amazing thing to witness and that’s why I absolutely LOVE what I do.

What else do you see that holds women entrepreneurs back?

I see many women being challenged with the concept of “Who am I?” Who am I to ask for the money. To ask for the sale?” Many of my clients, when they first start working with me are giving away their services away for free, undercharging for their services or they’re treating it like a hobby, as opposed to a real business. They’re not asking for the fee that they deserve to be actually earning.

My clients are very creative, heart-centred entrepreneurial types, like coaches, speakers, authors, trainers, graphic designers, website designers, photographers, nutritionists, osteopaths, naturopaths, healers, personal trainers,  etc. More often than not they work from home, or in a shared office environment.

They work on a fee based principle and they are unsure of ‘how can I charge?’ And when challenged to put their prices up or start selling their services as part of packages they go into fear and say, “Oh no, I can't charge that. Oh, they’ll think I'm rude. They’ll think I'm greedy.” All of their subconscious money stuff comes up and they get stuck.

It’s big stuff, and until women can overcome their fears and heal their relationship with money, the cycle will continue. Working too hard for too little, getting burnout and overwhelmed. That’s not good for anyone.

Jump onto my website This will also allow you to keep up to date with the free online trainings I do and helpful resources and blogs I offer. Or you could start by reading my best-selling book, which I co-authored: ‘Think and Grow Rich Today.’ It is full of helpful business building tips and stories.”

If you prefer direct interaction, there are mentoring services, as well as an array of different workshops. One well received event is the ‘Inspire and Ignite’ workshop. Created with a holistic focus, it helps women in the financial side of business, to claim their purpose in life and help them generate strong self-confidence. Another longer course is ‘The Mastermind Experience,’ a 12 week program which helps women entrepreneurs fully explore the three M’s of business: Money, Marketing and Mindset.

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