Writing Your Wedding Thank Yous

Ashley Rader

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Thank you notes are part of the wedding process. It may seem like a silly thing to do, but it's a tradition and an expected part of getting married. You may never know how much a thank you note means to someone who helped you share your special day.

Bronte Thank You Card in Bronze

That's the mission of a thank you note: to share your appreciation for someone sharing in your special day and for their contribution to your new life via a gift.

Here's a list of people you should include on your thank you note list:

· Parents
· Attendants
· Guests who brought gifts
· Officiate
· Musician (unpaid or close family friend)
· Friends and relatives who sent gifts but did not attend the wedding
· Anyone else you considered an integral part of your special day

Your thank you note should be on formal stationery. A monogrammed card is a great option for your thank you notes. Go here to get a custom monogram design. Another great option is this foiled noted in gold or silver.

What do you say on a thank-you note?

  1. Your message depends on the purpose of your note. Keep the mission in mind: you are sharing your appreciation for their contribution to your wedding and new life.
  2. A thank you note for a gift should include the following;
    1. A message about how you will use the gift in your home.
    2. A message about how much you appreciate their presence at the wedding (if they attended).
    3. A message about how much you missed the person(s) if they were unable to attend the wedding.
    4. A message thanking them for their support in your new life.
  3. A thank you note to an attendant should include the following:
    1. A message about how much they supported you in your journey to the alter and beyond.
    2. A message about how much their friendship means to you.
    3. A message about any gifts/showers/specific contributions they made to your wedding.
    4. Your wishes for your continued friends.
  4. A thank you note to a parent should include:
    1. A message about how much you appreciate their support/financial contribution to your wedding.
    2. A message of thanks for any special gifts they gave you and your new husband.
    3. A message of your appreciation for their help in getting you where you are today.
  5. A thank you note to a musician or other ceremony helper that was unpaid or is part of your circle of friends or family should include:
    1. A message of appreciation of their contribution to your wedding.
    2. A message of appreciation for them giving their time to your special day.
    3. A message of appreciate of their support and friendship.
  6. A thank you note to the officiate should include:
    1. A message of appreciation for their counseling.
    2. A message of appreciation for their contribution to the ceremony.

Writing thank you notes can seem to be a daunting task, but if you divide them up into these categories, you will have a place to start. Set a timetable of getting them out within three months of the wedding. You can do it!

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