Planning the Perfect Send Off

Ashley Rader

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The send-off. The end of the wedding. Whether it's a photo op or the real thing, this is the last image you and your guests may have at the end of your special day.

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Bubbles are a great way to be sent off in style. Coordinating the send off does take a little pre-planning. Here are some tips for planning the perfect bubble send-off.

1. Decide on a timeframe. Even if you aren't ready to leave the party at your set send off time, you will at least be ready for the photos and for the people who may want to leave the reception after dinner and cake.

2. Make sure you have enough bubbles for everyone, especially any young guests. The last thing you want as you exit your grand reception is to hear a child screaming that they don't have bubbles. No matter how stern the parents are, kids can get upset about little things like this.

3. Decorate your bubble tubes. Bubble tubes can be quite boring. If you use the plain bubble tubes, use ribbon or tulle to decorate them. If you are looking for a more special bubble package to coordinate with your beach them or champagne toast, visit this link for a wide selection of bubble blowers.

4. Designate a bubble coordinator. This job is great for a person who doesn't mind being a little bossy and herding everyone to the send off location. You may even want to have more than one bubble coordinator - someone to direct the crowd and someone to distribute the bubbles. If you don't have the human resources to distribute the bubbles, have several baskets or containers near the exits where your guests will see you off.

5. Designate a way to dispose of the bubble tubes. Be sure there are trays or trash cans nearby the send off spot for guests to dispose of bubble tubes. Your wedding planner or party venue should take care of this. Just be sure to put it on your to-do list before the wedding.

6. Go over the photo with your photographer and videographer before the wedding. Decide on the exit, so that your photo is well-lit and the necessary equipment is there prior to your send off.

7. Place disposable cameras in the immediate send off area. Have note cards placed near the cameras that direct guests to take photos. Have your bubble coordinator or master of ceremonies remind guests to take photos of the send off.

8. Enjoy your moment. Take in the excitement and enjoy the smiles of your bubble-blowing well-wishers.

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  • Wice says
    Here I go grumping again. This article is all about bubbles but take a look at the picture - rose petals!

    Maybe I should loosen up. But just because this is a website, this sort of mismatch shouldn't be acceptable. . Imagine if this pic appeared on the cover of a book about bubbles at weddings. It simply would not be a goer!

    As for the article, yes, bubbles at weddings can be cool and there's some good advice here.

  • Anna says
    lol wise you crack me up =P
  • New Member says
    Bhen Ke lode
    Teri Bhen ki Chut
    Teri Maa ki Chut
    Teri Maa ki Chut ME LODA

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