Make Your Wedding Sparkle With Wedding Sparklers

Ashley Rader

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Wedding sparklers have become one of the most popular ways of sending off the wedding couple. They get the grand send off under an umbrella of sparklers, which has replaced some of the other traditional send offs. They can be painted to match the wedding colors, and add a personalized book of matches and this makes a great wedding favor.


Some tips for choosing wedding sparklers:


  1. Avoid cheap bamboo sparklers, these drop ash when lit and can ruin clothing (like an all important wedding dress) and they also tend to be much smokier than higher quality wire sparklers
  2. Plan out how you will light the sparklers, and then choose a length/burn time accordingly. If you plan to give everyone their own matchbook to light the sparklers you can get away with a shorter sparkler. If you plan to have groomsmen go around and light sparklers for everyone, get a longer burning sparkler.
  3. Consider who you want to hand out sparklers to and have plenty on hand for everyone (keep in mind young children should not handle their own sparklers).

Imagine if you will the wedding greeting line in two rows facing each other all holding sparklers over the middle as you pass through for the first time as husband and wife. A moment to treasure and remember for both you and you're wedding guests. Sparklers can add a very special touch to an already very special day. Sparklers greeting lines are on par with military wedding lines where the swords are held high above the line and lowered as the couple walks through. So for those looking for a dramatic way to maybe leave the ceremony, or enter the reception, wedding sparklers can bring that drama.

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  • flowery3 says
    though I like sparklers, I think bubbles would be more suitable for a sunny day!
  • Anna says
    aww thats a pretty cute idea... id be worried about buring a hole in one of the gorgeous dresses though!!
  • KH says
    I like this idea! You don't ever get too old for sparklers, do you??
    • Anna says
      Nah you totally can never be too old hehe but i love anything that allows you to act like a kid!!
    • Cinty says
      This would have been a really great idea at my wedding as the weather wasn't all that great and it was quite a dark afternoon. Not too sure if the hire place would have let us go ahead with sparklers in the marquee though. Come to think of it, we didn't even have confetti or anything. I wanted everyone to have their own little bottle of bubbles - you can get really cute champagne bottles - but it was too expensive! For the 50 odd guests that were there, it was about $4.00 each which is $200.00 too much that was better spent elsewhere. For people with a larger budget, I would recommend it. I've never seen it done before (but then again I've only been to one wedding, not including mine)
      • Anna says
        those little bottles are soo cute... i waitressed at a wedding where they had those and it was so gorgeous... (sore on my hands though as i hade to open up sooo many bottles!!) but pitty about the cost =(
        • Cinty says
          Bubbles as in detergent bubbles :p Instead of confetti.
        • Megan says
          We had sparklers at our wedding - got married at 10pm near the beach. We handed out sparklers before the group photo, everyone lit them off the citronella torches and walked around us in a circle - the movement made a really cool effect
        • KH says
          A 10pm wedding near the beach sounds lovely!! I'm a night person....So something like that would really suit me!
        • CEZ33 says
          Im a bit of a worrier so I think having sparklers would stress me out (What if someone burns themselves, the venue, the dress!!) but they would be really pretty if you chose to have them, just wondering though, can you get hold of sparklers quite easily when its not around guy fawkes? Or would you have to stock up in Novermber and save them for the wedding! lol !
        • Wice says
          Hazardous Substances (Fireworks) Regulations 2001
          6 Display and sale of fireworks
          (1) Fireworks may be displayed for retail sale or sold by a retailer during the period beginning on 2 November and ending at the close of 5 November in each year.
          (2) Fireworks may be sold by a retailer at other times only under a written approval issued by the Authority under regulation 7.

          7. Circumstances in which Authority may issue approval to sell fireworks at other times
          The Authority may issue a written approval permitting a retailer to sell fireworks at times outside the period specified in regulation 6(1) if—
          (a) the fireworks are to be sold for use at a gathering of people held for cultural or religious purposes; and
          (b) the use of fireworks is a feature of the cultural or religious traditions of the people at the gathering.
          • Cinty says
            Had never even thought of the change in 'the law'. What a pain, just to have sparklers! That would be so frustrating and so time consuming to get all the right written authority and all that!
          • StillMe says
            Sparklers would be good for night, for a photo, but they only last about 30 seconds so not all that great. I've seen someone use them on a cake and by the time the cake came in and the Mum picked up the camera they were all out. I'd def go for bubbles. I'm sure you could find them for cheaper than $4 a bottle. Not from a bridal or party shop, maybe trademe?
          • New Member says
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