Make Your Own Wedding Invitations That People Won't Laugh At

Ashley Rader

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If you are the do-it-yourself type, you will probably want to place your hands on every element of your wedding. Do it Yourself / DIY wedding invitations can be looked at in one of two ways: like a sloppy and cheap attempt to save money, or like a creative and original wedding piece. Take this advice on how to make your own wedding invitations in a way that will warrant admiration, not laughter.

Sam and Jon's invitation

Use the K.I.S.S. Principle: Keep it Simple Stupid

Spend a little money on computer programs that will help you make your own wedding invitations with as little trouble as possible. Not everyone has an eye for graphical design and layout, so you should pick a program that gives you simple wedding invitation templates to work from. There is no need to try to get excessive with your design: less is sometimes more.

Keep it simple-try a photo card with a beautiful wedding image on one side, and specialized text on the other. The image could be a professional photo of you and hubby-to-be in a special pose, smiling and holding hands.

A photo from last year's picnic probably won't work. Spend the money needed to get a very professional shot to make your own wedding invitations. DIY wedding invitations are going to naturally be different from traditionally printed invites, so dare to take risks in their design.

Buy a Quality Wedding Invitation Photo Printer

If you want a quality product, you have to use quality ingredients. Once your DIY wedding invitations are designed, you will want to print them on a printer that gives you clear, crisp image printing and color options.

Buy the best paper that fits into your color and design requirements. If you have chosen a photo card for your DIY wedding invitations, buy a cardstock that is specially made for photo printing; glossy on one side, matte on the other. It goes without saying that the paper should not be 20 lb copy paper.

This is not the time to use a $20 or $30 printer you bought on ebay that you refill with the gallon bottle of ink you bought for $5.99! You have to make sure you are using a quality printer, quality ink, and good paper for your DIY wedding invitations.

Trip to the Craft Store

I don't suggest it, but if you dare, you can take that ominous trip to the craft store to make custom DIY wedding invitations. Instead of printing, you can handwrite your invitations. But only if you have good handwriting, preferably calligraphy skills. Crampy fingers come with this job description, as you may have to write hundreds of cards to guests.

DIY wedding invitations are great because they allow you to inject a higher level of creativity into your wedding. But when you make your own wedding invitations, you have to be committed to producing a quality product.

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  • Cinty says
    I customized my wedding invitations using vistaprint - this way I knew that they were all going to come out the way they looked when I had them ready. I was really impressed with them and for 50 of them, it was only about $20.00 to have them printed and posted which was a good price too.
    They've got so many templates to choose from!
  • Cinty says
    And this was my sister's 21st invite...
    • Dee-Dee says
      ...those are really cool I have always loved how invitations are interesting and creative ways......may take it up as hobby when I have some free time.....must be relaxing and rewarding to do too.....
    • Roz says
      I've been designing invitations on Photo paper.

      Create your design to a 5x7 size, and mail merge in personalised names if desired, save as hi-res jpeg, take to Warehouse Stationery and print.

      Costs less that 50c each and guests great a gloss bright and colourful invitation that looks great on the fridge.
    • CheldeWyatt says
      This platform seriously has numerous number of cheap vegas wedding packages online for you guys to use for your wedding. They offer one of the effective working and worth it services ever. You will love this platform so much.

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