How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

Ashley Rader

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The right wedding photographer will capture your special day in a way that tells a story. But there are many unscrupulous photographers out there who will offer you a crappy quality. Choosing the right wedding photographer shouldn't be about cost-it should be completely about quality. You will never be able to go back and retake those wedding photos. Here are three simple rules to follow when learning how to choose the right wedding photographer.

Check Reputation

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Whenever you choose a wedding photographer, you must do some background checking. Of course, the photographer will most likely give you all of his best references-what business person will show you their bad side?-but you want to get down to the nitty gritty.

How many times have you watched Judge Judy and found wedding photographers being sued by plaintiffs. Those plaintiffs could have saved a lot more than money by learning how to choose the right wedding photographer for their wedding event. They most likely were offered low prices and went on an honor basis with their chosen photographer. But you get what you pay for.

Small claims court cases are a matter of public record, so once you have narrowed down your choices to two or three wedding photographers, check their names and business names in small claims court paperwork to see if they have any history of complaints. If they have one case that was dismissed, that doesn't mean anything.

But if you look up court records and see that they have an extensive history of being sued in court over bad wedding photography results, run, don't walk. Don't become a part of their hall of fallen history. Performing light research is not how to to choose the right wedding photographer for your event.

Check Portfolio

A professional wedding photographer will have a well designed wedding photography portfolio to show you when you visit their studio. Some more modern wedding photographers will offer you an online website wedding photography portfolio for your perusal. There are many ways to learn how to choose the right wedding photographer.

Check Responsiveness

The initial responsiveness of your potential wedding photographers are key. How a business responds to its clients is an indication of their quality and reliability. You don't want to pick a wedding photographer who doesn't answer calls when you first book him. If he can't pick up the phone and call you back, cancel him and move onto other wedding photography studios.

This is because when your wedding is over and you are looking for pictures, you will have a new problem on your hands if your wedding photographer doesn't feel it is necessary to return your phone calls. They can make you wait for months for your wedding photos. Some unresponsive wedding photographers may simply disappear.

How to choose the right wedding photographer is to check their reputation, portfolio, and initial responsiveness. A good evaluation of wedding photographers is necessary before making that big decision.

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  • CheldeWyatt says
    Hey there, Ashley Rader thank you for your great post on how to choose BGS Australia and a right wedding photographer. I appreciate the post. Indeed these are the things to consider before getting a wedding photographer.
  • CheldeWyatt says
    Photographers were the first vendor we looked for after we had the venue booked. We came across prolux photography and we were very pleased with the choice. Highly recommend them.

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