Give Her More Than Your Heart on Your Wedding Day - Gifts to the Bride From the Groom

Ashley Rader

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Most grooms are completely oblivious to the fact that they are supposed to give their blushing bride a gift on their special day. But, this is a growing trend that actually makes a lot of sense. After all, isn't your wedding day a day worth commemorating? Well, if you are at a lose as to what to give your bride, here are some great ideas that are sure make your wedding day even more special for her.

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  1. Personalized stationery. Every bride could use a nice set of stationery with her brand new name on it, especially when she gets ready to write all those thank-you notes. Well, why not give her something pretty and feminine. Blank note cards or single sheets with matching envelopes are sure to do the trick, and you can make it even more personal by writing her a love letter using the very first sheet of her new stationery. While the stationery may be used rather quickly, the love letter is something she will cherish for a lifetime. Check out this gorgeous White Filigree Side Fold Note Set that has 75 note cards and envelopes for $99.00 at
  2. Personalized handkerchief. Most brides can be found shedding more than a few tears on her wedding day, so why not give her a way to remember the happy tears she cried on the happiest day of her life. Most handkerchiefs can be personalized to say whatever you want and you can pick the style, font, and colors you want to be used. The good news is that they are fairly inexpensive and are great for grooms on a budget. Check out a great selection of wedding hankies at
  3. Charm Bracelet. Jewelry is always great, but why not step away from traditional wedding jewelry type gifts such as diamonds or pearls and snag your girl a gorgeous charm bracelet? Charm bracelets are really coming back into style and you can make it even more special by purchasing her very first charm that would signify your wedding day. This is also something she can add to no matter what she is celebrating in her life whether it's the birth of your first child, your first home, or your 25th wedding anniversary. This is something she will cherish her whole life. You can view a charming selection of charm bracelets at
  4. Photo Story Book. Why not help her reminisce about your love story? There are lots of great sites where you can get online and compile a photo book with pictures of when you were dating and your engagement. You can also add quotes or other personal statements. These are nice hard cover photo books, and it is something she will cherish forever. Try for lots of great cover styles, sizes, and backgrounds to make your photo book one of a kind.
  5. Personalized Jewelry Box. There are a lot of beautiful jewelry boxes out there, but why not give your bride to be one that is personalized so that she will cherish it her whole life. It will be a great place for her to store all that gorgeous jewelry you'll be giving her over the years, and it will commemorate the day it all began! A great selection of jewelry boxes is available at

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  • Foreverme says
    ...Makes you want to get married all over again!!
    • Tanzya says
      This just sounds like more crass commercialisation, of what should be a special day for its meaning, not just a means to get as many gifts as you possible can!
      • Wice says
        Although I don't really agree with you, I think maybe my hubbie does - judging by the puzzling present he gave me on our wedding day. The years have gone by and I still wonder why he bought me this particular gift which is not beautiful, functional, personal, sentimental or valuable.. Perhaps he was trying to tell me something LOL!

        Just one note other than this.... Maybe this article should be on Frank rather than Chelsey as it gives lots of suggestions to help the groom but nothing for the bride.

      • Mellow says
        The 'Groom", a.k.a 'a man', is at times known as being many things, therefore to on this topic of gift giving requires thought.... a blank cheque may cover the base..... signed maybe? ....
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