Fabulous Tips For Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Hairdo

Ashley Rader

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If you have been asked to be a bridesmaid in your friend's wedding, you are probably very excited and have been thinking about how you will wear your hair for months. There are a variety of ways to decide on a hairstyle, but here are some tips that will make choosing the perfect bridesmaids hairdo even easier.

Seek out the bride. Most brides have an opinion or idea of how they want their girls to wear their hair, but most brides are respectful of the fact that in the end it is their maid's hair and she knows what looks best on her. A popular suggestion with most brides is just telling their bridesmaids to wear it either all up, half-up/half-down, or all down. Usually the bride will make this decision based on how she is wearing her hair. So, be sure to get the bride's opinion before you get your heart set on something. After all, it is her day.

1. Get yourself some hair catalogues and surf the web. The best way to know what is hip and in style, is to purchase a hair catalog or two and search the Internet for suggestions. The Internet is one of the best ways to find what you are looking for because it gives to the opportunity to search for hairdos based on your hair type. For instance, you can type "updos for curly hair" or "formal hairstyles for short hair" into the search engine and it will bring up images and even some how-to tips on how to pull it off.

2. Even though you aren't the bride, you should schedule yourself for a practice hair session. While there shouldn't be a lot of pomp and circumstance about it, just get the name of the salon where the bride wants you to get your hair done, if there is one, and call and schedule an appointment to have a hair run through. Since you aren't the bride, you'll probably have to pay for it, but it will be worth it to see if the hairstyle you have selected looks good on you.

3. Invest in some pizazz. If you are doing an updo, you should check with the bride and okay some hair accessories. Whether you choose little diamond studded bobbie pins or a gorgeous fake flower, nothing pulls together a great updo like some beautiful hair accessories. You can pick some up at your local drugstore, or order them offline to make them match your dress. You should also check with the bride to make sure she hasn't purchased any. She may have matching hair accessories she wants you and the other bridesmaids to wear. Another great tip when it comes to hair accessories is that less is more! Be sure that whatever hair accessories you choose don't take away from the actual hairstyle.

4. No matter what hairstyle you decide on, you should be sure that you don't outshine the bride. A good way to know whether or not your hairstyle outshines the bride is to ask if you can go with her to her hair run through before you schedule your own. This will give you an idea of what she has planned for herself, and will help you better evaluate your own hairstyle when you go to your own practice session.

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  • Lauren says
    Great advice!
  • Anna says
    havnt had the fun of going o a wedding, being part of a wedding or anything yet... but so looking fwd to it!!
  • KH says
    This is great. know a couple of people trying to make up their minds about this one at the moment!

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