Choosing The Perfect Wedding Veil

Ashley Rader

Ashley Rader is the owner of Moments of Elegance, an online wedding boutique specializing in beach wedding favors, summer wedding favors and a huge collection of unique wedding favor ideas that will say thank you with style and will truly make your event unforgettable.

Decorations are another consideration when choosing the perfect wedding veil. This also will be dependent on your dress budget. Common decorations applied to the best wedding veils are pearls, rhinestones, and diamonds. They are scattered throughout the veil to make the bride look like a sparkling princess. There may be a satin rim around the edges to create a different effect.

Choosing the perfect wedding veil may just involve going with a simple veil, no decorations, no edging. This is common when you don't want to draw attention away from the dress. A unique look to consider when choosing the perfect wedding veil is the birdcage wedding veil. This can come with or without decoration. Birdcage wedding veils don't do much about hiding the bride's face, but they are unique, different, and exotic veils.

Wedding Tiara

Length is a factor when choosing the perfect wedding veil. Some wedding veils come as long as your wedding dress train. Other fit just on top of the hair. You may buy a dress that contains elements in back that you want your guests to see. You don't want to hide those decorations behind a long veil. Choose a short, simple wedding veil instead.

Diamond Tiara or Basic Comb

Another decision to make when choosing the perfect wedding veil is whether you want to use a diamond tiara or rhinestone tiara, or a basic satin comb as the base of the wedding veil.

The diamond tiara can sometimes be too much-it depends on the theme of your wedding. If you already have a wedding dress design that is extremely elaborate, you may want to tone things down just a bit with a basic satin comb veil. Too much of anything is a bad thing.

If a tiaras are chosen to use in harmony with wedding veils, they can be studded with rhinestones to keep costs realistic. It is important to keep budgets in mind whenever choosing the perfect wedding veil.

Vision Concerns When Choosing a Veil

The wedding veil's purpose is to shield the beauty of the bride until she reaches the alter and is presented to her husband. Therefore, the veil should be slightly opaque.

But if you don't have the best vision, maybe it is a good idea to look at transparency when choosing the perfect wedding veil. If your vision is less than 20/20, you should choose a wedding veil with a transparency that allows you to see your way down the aisle without trouble. This is your moment, your time to shine. This is not the time to risk your vision, especially when you are going to walking down a long aisle with a long elaborate, and sometimes heavy, dress on.

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  • Wice says
    I think there are a lot more options for wedding veils than those mentioned - especially when it comes to the base. Far more common than a tiara in NZ is the use of fresh or artificial (usually silk) flowers to match the bouquet.

    I was interested to find out how much wedding veils cost as they need to be included in the budge. I found a US survey on:
    which showed interesting results: 494 responded

    Under $50 (23%)
    $101 - $200 (22%)
    $51 - $100 (17%)
    $201 - $400 (12%)
    $301 - $700 (7%)
    I'm not wearing a veil (6%)
    I'm borrowing one - so it's free! (3%)
    Over $1,500 (3%)
    $701 - $1,000 (3%)
    $1,000 - $1,500 (2%)
    Other (2%) it looks like there is a wide choice if you want to following this traditon.
  • Rosie says
    What did you have at your wedding, Wice?
    Mine was a rhinestone tiara with white organza with some circle shaped brocade stitched on the bottom

    Thanks Ashley for the basics on veils - it's a great guide for anyone starting out when they have so many choices.
  • Wice says
    It seems such a long time ago. I had a quite long silk organza veil with handmade pure silk roses holding it at the back . My dress was very simply styled - in the same silk.
    I'm sure I could never have afforded it myself but my Mum and Dad were very sweet and paid for it without telling me the cost. Actually, I feel quite guilty that I never really thought about it then and I didn’t really appreciate it at the time. I certainly do now when I look back.
  • Rosie says
    It sounds gorgeous! I'm sure your parents understood - it's such a crazy time in your life :)
  • jacki says
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  • New Member says
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