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Ashley Rader

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Most brides to be envision their weddings to be full of color, . But have you ever thought about have a simple yet elegant black and white wedding theme? Here are some ideas for throwing an elegant wedding using these two basic colors.

New Years Eve Black & White Wedding centerpieces

Décor for a Black and White Wedding

When I say black and white wedding, I mean a black and white wedding. You have to be consistent. To stay true to the theme, there must not be any other color visible in your venue. You will probably be calling your venue on a regular basis to make this elegant wedding theme work.

The floors will need to be either covered with black and white carpet, or laid with a temporary hardwood. The hardwood floor can be alternating black and white squares or rectangles, or only a few planks of either black or white scattered throughout the venue. Choose which of these neutral colors will be your base-this decision will determine the feel of your event. A mostly white floor (and décor) will create a feeling of purity, while a mostly black floor will make the event more dark, mysterious, and modern. Either way, your black and white wedding is sure to be complimented for its unique and elegant design.

The tables can be draped with an expensive black and white cloth with a design of your choice. Some ideas for the design are large checkers, polka dots, freestyle, or a floral design. Or you can bring in custom tables with black and white designs painted professionally on the top.

Again, you will want to choose your base color before deciding on the wedding favors you will have placed on guest tables. Nothing says elegant wedding like a glossy black box tied delicately with a white silk ribbon and a black and white themed prize inside.

Here is one quick idea for a food item at your black and white wedding. Black and white cakes!

Guests Absolutely Must Wear Black and White

Your guests will be the most difficult part of pulling off your black and white wedding. You must make it clear to them that they are only to wear black and/or white to your wedding-no exceptions.

But you know some people are stubborn, or seem to always miss the message, so it may be a good idea to send a follow-up reminder after the initial invitations are sent to tell them once again that black and white attire is absolutely required for admittance to the wedding.

If Grandma Wallace shows up in a pink shawl, pick the person she loves the most to ask her to remove it. If your hard-headed brother shows up in a bright red suit, you will have to make the decision on whether you are actually going to turn guests away at the door, and make them go home to change.

If you are really serious about an uninterrupted black and white wedding theme, another way to avoid problems with your guests' attire is to hire an outfitter to come to the wedding with a selection of clothing in varied sizes to be rented for the day. It may be a little costly, but it's worth it to see your elegant wedding vision come to fruition.

The black and white cakes won't be the only treats for guests at your black and white wedding if you plan this right. Your guests will appreciate the time you took to give them a very different and elegant wedding experience.

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  • Anna says
    love black and white... such simple colours but you can do wonders with them... i think for my wedding though i would want a little splash of some colour though... not sure what... maybe like a baby pink or something... baby pink and white... hmmm
    • KH says
      I'm a fan of black and white too. not TOO sure about for a wedding but then it's not something I sit around thinking about all that much!
    • Wice says
      Oh dear…. First I get three of the same post appearing under bicycles and now I find the post I made here earlier today has disappeared – very odd – don’t think I said anything I shouldn’t :-?
      Fingers crossed. Here goes again….

      Yes, black and white can be very elegant but weddings are joyous occasions and colour is beautiful and emotive. It can enhance the ambience, creating charm and warmth. It affects the mood. Sort of sad to have the chic but cold sterility of just black and white. Further, I would feel awful telling my guests they had to wear only black and/or white. How many men have a black and /or white tie and suit or even just casual gear? Surely black is for funerals in NZ. And the women - would they feel forced to wear black too so as not to compete with the bride? Personally, I doubt many Kiwis would feel comfortable or joyful with such restrictions and after all, what’s more important – a colour scheme or your guests? Also, if you were going to be so totally rigid about dress colours, then surely the food should be just black and white too – not very elegant for a wedding banquet!

      On the other hand, black and white parties can be awesome. I’ve had one myself… lots of black and white balloons and streamers; casual black and white dress but without undue restrictions; fun black and white food…. Can’t remember well, but I recall having :
      • a lolly bar with black and white jelly beans, white marshmallows, milk-bottles, liquorice
      •white bread finger sandwiches filled with chopped chicken and mayo
      • poppy seed squares
      • assorted Chinese steamed dumplings
      • iced white biscuits…
      • we didn’t have caviar but I guess if you wanted it, might be pretty cool!

      Anyway the party was heaps of fun, including the planning and organising. Just remembered, we had black and white masks people could wear too – was cool!

      Actually might be a great idea for a RWC Finals night party!
      • Anna says
        o0o0o0 i like your last idea!!!
      • Wice says
        I love using a theme for presents too - giving a whole lot of gifts related by one thing. Chocolate is one of the best as you can give:
        Chocolate itself plus chocolate scented candles, soap, body lotion, printed scarves/umbrellas, chocoalte liquor, etc. - all wrapped up in chocolate printed paper.
      • Anna says
        yer but as much as i love love chocolate... im not a big fan of chocolate stuff... it has this fake ikky chocolate smell!!
      • Wice says
        You could try lemons or oranges. My Mum once bought me a recipe book all about mustard and to go with it, she bought be all sorts of different mustards, plus an apron and a teatowel with mustard prints. It was cool gift and I liked it so much that she followed up a couple of years later doing the same thing with a garlic recipe book and matching bits and pieces.

        I've done the same sort of thing for hubbie with a book about beers and bought single bottles of every beer I could find at the supermarket. I spread it over several months so it was much easier to handle financially. I even managed to find some boxed beer sets with a special glass included. It's not that he's a great beer drinker (usually brews his own), but it gave him an appreciation of all sorts of tastes.
      • Wice says
        This post sparked my interest to explore themed weddings a bit more. It’s absolutely amazing what some people do. Here are some of the theme ideas.
        Retro Hollywood
        Star Wars

        Below are some themed wedding cakes but you can check out more pictures at http://yourweddingsupport.blogspot.com/2010/12/get-look-black-white-wedding.html
      • Reshi says
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      • New Member says
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