Your Sex Star Sign – Part One

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

Your star sign doesn’t only reveal your lucky days and when you should consider a change in employment, it also indicates your sexual personality too. Plus it can help guide which toys, props, and sensual scenarios are guaranteed to raise your thermostat.  So if you’re looking to spice things up, it’s written in the stars.



As a fire sign you’re an extremist. You can be in the moodone moment, totally turned off the next.  When you are feeling lustful, you prefer to take control. You like to dominate in a passionate and frisky bedroom.  You work best with patient sexual partners who like to be seduced. Aries are physical lovers and have been known to go all night long. You’ll enjoy powerful adult toys with strong vibrations that have remotes, putting you in charge of the power.


You are anall-inclusive lover who requires all elements in place to be pleased. You need to be emotionally, mentally and physically stimulated in your sexual encounters. A romantic environment and a sensitive partner is the best combination for the sexual satisfaction of Taureans. Sensual massage complete with oils is your go-to sex set-up.


The bedroom is a stage for dramatic Geminis. Geminis are passionate love-makers with a definite lights-on approach. Gemini men, in particular are excellent at dirty talk, not shying away from carnal conversation. The twins love the mental stimulation and thrill of performance so role-playing is an essential bedroom act. Your favourite sex accessory?Costumes!


For Cancerians, sex cannot be an emotionless act. While making love to a Cancerian is a slow and careful act it is also very sensual. Both Cancer females and Cancer males like to dedicate much time and thought to foreplay. Cancerians are unlikely to have tried sex toys before but would be most intrigued to learn more about the spiritual practise of tantric sex.


While you can take or leave ‘love-making’ you Leos are great at ‘sex’. As exhibitionists in the bedroom (kitchen, living room, driveway...) you are not afraid to get experimental with your sexual antics. You need an adventurous partner who will worship you. Proud of their bodies, Leo’s are always keen to add to their wardrobe of skimpy lingerie.


Traditionally shy in nature the Virgo lover will need some coaching to come out of his or her sexual shell. Secretly desperate to lose their inhibitions, Virgos need to start slow but will respond with good ideas. Loyal lovers, once they know what stimulation their partner likes they will perfect it.  Start Virgo lovers with a sex toy kit so they have plenty of choice to learn what they like.

Part two coming soon….

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  • Wice says
    I swear every word is is true; it's been carefully researched and this article wasn't written to sell sex toys - Yeh right!

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