Sexercise: Let’s get physical

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

Can’t get motivated to get back into the gym after the holidays? What if you knew it could help your sex life? Sarah from talks to us about working up a sweat.

So you took advantage of the holiday period to conveniently ‘misplace’ your gym card, drink one more glass of sav than you care to remember, and reason that not going for a second helping would just be wasteful? And now it’s come back to bite you in your (ever so slightly bigger) bum?



Not to worry, Sarah from talks to us about how to use sex as a motivator for getting back into your nike’s and lycra.

So I like sex, and I also like exercise, but there are times when I certainly struggle to find the motivation to do either. And it’s a vicious cycle - The less exercise I do, the less I feel like sex and vice versa. So what exactly is the relationship?

Exercise as the ultimate foreplay

At the University of Texas, Cindy Meston, PhD, found that vigorous physical exercise appears to “prime” a woman’s body for sexual arousal. This doesn’t mean your aerobics class will have you in orgasm as you ‘easy-step’ but it can get important chemicals flowing through your body that make you more open to sexual arousal.

Participants who worked out on an exercycle for 20mins were significantly more likely to feel sexually aroused by an erotic film than those who did nothing. This period of arousal, post exercise, usually lasts about 30mins, so perhaps think about exercising at night rather than just before work, to take advantage of this state of sexual receptiveness (unless of course you fancy someone in your office!)

Look good, feel (him) good

One of the main reasons exercise can get us in the mood to take our clothes off is because it helps us feel better about what’s underneath. Patricia Esperon, from the Duke Diet and Fitness Center, agrees, “There certainly have been studies showing that self-esteem improves with exercise. When people exercise, they are taking action, feeling less helpless. And feeling better about yourself in general is a big part of feeling sexual.” Biologically, exercise makes you a finer animal: flexible, strong, fit, toned. The resulting self-confidence can have a lot to do with sexual arousal.

The sex training program

While it’s clear you should target your training to improve your sexual stamina (e.g.the shoulders, chest and abdominals, all of which are utilized during sexual intercourse) don’t forget to work out, from the inside out. An exercise your trainer will never put on your work-out plan is the Kegel. Kegel exercises firm the muscles of the vagina, helping women gain muscle control (to grip the penis) and reach orgasm more easily. Contract your PC muscles by clenching, as though stopping urine, and hold for at least two to three seconds per squeeze. For assistance in these exercises, and pleasure while you do them, try some duo balls (available at

And it works both ways

Good news is your exercise not only helps get you into the bedroom, it doesn’t stop when you get there! Statistics show that half an hour of sex can burn around 53 calories. That is the equivalent of running three minutes up and down the stairs, six minutes of tennis or seven minutes on an exercise bike.

Final thoughts? When you think about it, sex and exercise aren’t really all that different. They both get you sweaty and worked up. They both make you breathe hard. They both induce a sultry afterglow. And if you’ve been particularly adventurous, they can both leave you with pain in muscles you never knew you had!


Until next month,

Sarah from

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