Sex positions for discogenic back pain

If you have discogenic back pain you will be most comfortable in positions where there is an arch in your back.  You can experiment and see what is most comfortable for you, but some suggestions are:

FOR HER:        

 - The modified missionary position:  If you prefer to lie on your back, roll up a towel at place it across the bed under the curve in your lower back.  This will support your lower back during sex.  You will be passive in this position.

 - Kneeling on all fours:  In this position your partner will enter you from behind.  Try and keep a small curve in your lower back, or you may find it more comfortable to increase the curve by arching your lower back.

 - Sitting:  Ask your partner to sit on a chair and slowly lower yourself onto your partner as if sitting on his lap.  In this position you can keep a small arch in your back and use your legs to do the work.

 - Lying on your stomach:  This is often a comfortable position for discogenic back pain.  You may find it more comfortable to have a pile of pillows underneath your chest to rest your elbows on (this will create a larger curve in your lower back).  In this position your partner will enter you from behind and all you need to do is relax.


Modified missionary position:  Your partner lies on the bottom with her knees bent up towards her chest.  You will be on top supporting yourself with extended arms and maintain a small arch in your lower back.

On your back:  Roll up a towel at place it across the bed under the curve in your lower back.  You will be passive in this position and your partner can straddle you in kneeling facing either towards you or away.

Sitting:  Try sitting in a chair with a lumbar roll (see for more info on lumbar rolls) supporting your lower back.  Ask your partner to face away from you and slowly lower herself down onto your lap.  Again you will be passive in this position. 

By Katy Street, BPhty, Cert. MDT, PG Dip (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy), MPNZ, MNZMPA, MSPNZ

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist & director at Auckland Physiotherapy

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