Sex for Fat Days – yes it’s still possible

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

We all have them. You wake up in the morning, (pretty sure that you didn’t do any midnight eating) and for some reason, you just don’t look/feel as trim and toned as you did when you went to bed. When this attack of the bloats lasts all day, you don’t often feel like getting naked that night. So here are some tips to help you still have a night of great sex – without having to keep your t-shirt on!

Loverboy gets a birthday kiss!


The first step to making sure you feel better about those bulges and wobbly bits - Good lighting! Go for mood lighting as this will soften your shape and help you look fabulous. The important point to remember for good lighting is where you position your light source.  Lighting from below is far more flattering so either place candles around the edge of your room or take your bedside lamp off the night-stand and pop it on the floor. If you’re having a particularly overwhelming fat day, you can take light out of the equation all together and blindfold him. Not only does he think you’re being sexually adventurous - you can let it all hang out and no one will see!


Sex doesn’t always have to be naked and quite often it can be a fun novelty to leave things to his imagination. If you’ve gotten home from a frumpy day, the best way to start feeling better is to jump into the shower. Then slip into your favourite lingerie or nightdress. Wear something sexy,
we know you’re thinking this is hard to pull off when you’re not feeling at your best, you would probably like to curl up in some old t-shirt and hide my fat the best you can! However, some sexy lingerie will cover you up in the right spots (you can buy it to suit your needs) and it will make you feel sexy -- which will make your sexual experience better. All in all, it’s a win-win situation.


Unless it’s your bottom that you are worried about, rear-entry positions tend to be the most flattering. Opting for the doggy move hides your tummy, makes you thighs look trim and taut and allows your breasts to flop away out of sight. Also this angle makes your waist appear tiny to him. And because he has to hold your hips to stay steady – you avoid that fear of his hands wandering over your problem areas.  Besides, this position is such an overwhelming favourite amongst men that he’ll be far too distracted to pick up on your insecurities. If in the missionary position, try stretching your arms above your head as this will elongate your torso and make it look thinner!


Most importantly, to avoid being consumed by a fat day, you just have to not care. And yes, that is easier said than done sometimes. But here are some home truths to help. Firstly, you without a doubt will be feeling chunkier than you actually look. Secondly, EVERYONE has fat days – even those who only ever wear single digit sizes. Thirdly, he thinks you are drop dead gorgeous (Yes he does. Otherwise he wouldn’t be with you). And finally, if you can move through the ‘blah’ feelings, having some intimate contact will actually make you feel better.  All the feel-good hormones released during sex will help those insecurities fade away so don’t avoid sex on a fat day – embrace it!

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  • Ellen says
    good advice :)
  • Courtney says
    This happen's to me all the time, my boyfriend thinks Im nuts. Hes so lovely about it and we both think these tips are really helpful :) Thanks!
  • kano11 says
    I guess it depends on the "relationship status" your in but if your partner loves you he'll love your wobbly bits too - and basically whether your slim or big - you can be a fantastic lover either way!!!
  • Lette says
    Going out for a romantic meal sometimes leaves me full and bloated and thats not a good thing :)
  • Lauren says
    Great advice!
  • Anna says
    my partner stayed with me when i was 40kg bigger than i am now... so i dont really get those days anymore... i know he loves me anyway =)
  • KH says
    I like these tips too.
  • Dee-Dee says
    ...good tips but my man and I do our best to live a healthy lifestyle as much as possible both mind and body and are always finding new and interesting things to do as a couple so not worried about bits and the rest and I know he loves me, we have been through enough for me too see that ....
  • Wice says
    You know that it's probably more in your head than anywhere else so if you are not feeling good, why the compulsion to have sex? Sometimes it's possible to have too much of a good thing.

    Regardless, if you're still in the lusting, passionate stage of your relationship, whether you feel fat or not, the hormones will come into play and take over. You'll forget soon enough that you felt bloated when you got up!

    If on the other hand you are in a stable, longer relationship, your partner should understand that you're not in the mood. What's one night off where you can cuddle , hold hands, maybe share your dreams and do something different for a change!

    I just think there's more to life than to worry about having sex every day!
  • Dee-Dee says
    ...I love the relationship I am in, both my partner and I enjoy a loving and sexual have no problems with doing it regardless of how I feel because things can happen things change....and if you are comfortable in yourself and you feel the urge go for it.....its not the only thing I think about but I don't try to think of something else if it pops in my mind for a visit.....I think its wonderful....and I think if you can get a good thing then embrace it.....

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