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Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

Picture the scene, it’s a gorgeous summer’s day and you are strolling across a beautiful meadow with your partner. The breeze is blowing through your hair and your partner is looking amazingly sexy. What could be more natural than wanting to lay her down and make love to her there in the long grass?

Sex outdoors can be a huge turn on for most people, and the fear of getting caught simply adds to the excitement. With summer on its way, the chances of you feeling frisky outside are on the up. But no matter where the urge takes you – in your garden or on the beach - if you are in a place where you can be seen, it’s never a good idea to strip off and frolic around as naked as the day you were born! Read on for some subtle outdoor sex positions that allow for a quick cover up and getaway.

Starting Small

Going public doesn't have to mean going all the way. So before you dive in at the deep end try some discreet hand jobs or oral sex. This will ease you into sex in the great outdoors. Plus, the major advantage of these activities is that the receiver can keep an eye out for unwelcome company - so you can stop and cover up before trouble comes your way.

A Fumble in the Undergrowth

When you are ready to take it up a notch, you’ll need to be armed with suitable positions for different situations. If you are in long grass or hiding away in the bushes then it’s logical to adopt a laying down position. Outdoor sex is always easiest when ‘easy access’ clothing is worn – so a dress or a skirt for her. Lay her down flat on the ground before lower yourself over her and enter her. If you’d prefer switch this around so she’s on top or you are side by side.

While you’re happy getting down and dirty in the bushes, in the woods, or on a meadow she may not be quite so keen to get her clothes dirty, so be a gentleman and assume the following position. Kneel on the ground, wrap her legs tightly around your waist and hold her close to you. You’ll get lucky (even if you do get dirty knees) and only her feet will come into contact with the ground – perfect.

The other alternative to kneeling – which let’s face it may be uncomfortable after a while - is to be prepared and take a blanket. You can either spread the blanket on the ground or wrap yourselves up in it while you discreetly writhe around in ecstasy; safe in the knowledge that your private parts are being kept just that – private.

Take a Seat

Unfortunately not all public encounters will allow you the luxury of lying down, so on those occasions you’ll need to use a different position. A seated position can be really good fun. Sit on a chair / bench / tree stump or whatever you have available and have your partner face the other way and lower herself on to you. It’ll feel great for her because you’ll be stimulating her G-spot and if anyone does happen to see you, it’ll just look like she’s sitting on your lap (assuming you are controlling your excitement of course). If a passer-by gets to close quickly reposition her and do up your fly.

Standing to Attention

When a seat isn’t available you can adopt a standing position. This works best when you have a tree or something similar for support. Have your girl face you and lean against the tree with her legs slightly spread then enter her and begin to thrust gently. To anyone that may happen to pass by it should just look as though you are in a romantic embrace.

The great outdoors can be a lot of fun just make sure you get the go ahead from your girl and have pack of condoms to hand (please don’t leave any used ones behind). It’s also a good idea to have some tissue handy for cleaning up suspicious damp spots.

Remember that sex in public is illegal, so be careful about where you indulge. Make sure it’s a secluded spot and keep it subtle in case someone does come along. You want to have a good time, not land yourself embarrassing fines or convictions! And the golden rule, make sure you keep out of sight of children.


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  • feeboo says
    These would really add a thrill to any relationship!
  • Lana4 says
    Interesting ideas.Then of course theres the do it in the water act which can be quite exciting and private in public
  • Lauren says
  • KH says
    Risky indeed...
  • Anna says
    hehe public is fun... makes its so much more... sexy!!
  • KH says
    It's quite amusing to catch someone and they just don't seem bothered. Some people are braver than I.
  • Elisha says
  • Dee-Dee says you can get away with it why not go for it I say....where theres a will theres a way......
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