Medisil Magic Wand

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

Here at Sexgear, we often get enquiries from women, who need just a bit more to achieve an orgasm.  When it comes to orgasms, 3 out of 4 women, require clitoris stimulation and vaginal penetration at the same time to achieve the desired result.  The easiest way of achieving these two at the same time is to either have a very very talented ambidextrous lover, or by adding in a vibe!! 

So this week I thought I would fill you in on the world of the Wand Vibrator!

Wand vibrators are known to be very intense, boasting speeds of over 5000 vibes per minute – ideal for clitoral stimulation.

The u is based on the famous Hitachi Magic Wand from the United States. A little background on Hitachi Wand reveals that it has been North America's number 1 selling vibrator for well over 40 years. It is a mains powered vibrator, meaning it plugs directly into the power socket on the wall.

The biggest issue with using the original Hitachi Wand for New Zealanders is that it is incompatible with the mains power supply. With this in mind the team from Down Under Toys took it upon themselves to make an NZ compatible version of the Hitachi Magic Wand, called the Medisil Wand, or Magic Wand. By all accounts the Medisil Magic Wand is a near copy of the Hitachi, with similar power output, durability and safety. The Medisil version even looks like the original, in its colour, style and design - a near replica.

The Medisil Magic Touch is very versatile, with several general uses. It can be used as a normal every day body massager (believe it or not, it is actually really good for shoulder and back aches, and doesn’t look like a standard vibe!), it can then be transformed into a female vibrator with two very distinct attachments. The advantage that the Medisil has over the Hitachi wand is that it can easily fit all of the attachments that the Hitachi wand can; also, it has been designed to fit two of its own, with a G-spot and dome attachment. Both easily fit on the cone of the vibrator, transforming it into a specific massager for women.

You simply won't find a more powerful, more intense, more sustained massager or vibrator. The mains power of the Medisil Magic Wand mean that it never runs out, or dulls in its power of vibration. It has sustained and prolonged power, which allows it to boast an impressive 5000 vibes per minute. You can't fail to have fun with this vibrator!

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  • Wice says
    Who remembers those vibrating battery razors that came out a few years ago. I often wondered if soneone was having a ljoke, they were just disguised vibrators, or they really made shaving easier. I don't think I've seen on in the shops for a long time so whatever the case, they obviously weren't top sellers. Did anyone on Chelsey try one?
    • Bernadette says
      Nope I never tried one of those! I just use disposables. HAHA. They also put out those 'vibrating' mascaras at one point. Surely they don't do anything either! I have no idea what they would do?....
    • Anna says
      well take one =P
    • Starlite5 says
      LOL!!! Unfortunately I draw the line at vibrators, I wouldn't be able to stay in the mood listening a buzzing vibrating sound, it would be too funny to me! ... good to have at a girls night out party though just for the fun and discussions of all the things you wished you could get up to!
    • New Member says
      The Medisil wand is noisy and in my opinion not a very good toy at all!
      The buzzy gives me a migraine. Lelo wand from is much more suitable for external play and massages. There are china made Hitachi Magic Wand in Australia with AU and NZ plug, which actually perform better than the Medisil - so overall i really think this comparison to the Hitachi is misleading.
      • New Member says
        Yes it is a bit noisy but the power and quality of the stimulation are so so nice. Its effects are very quick too so a session is not really long enough for the noise to become an issue for me. I did buy and have used the Lelo medium Smart Wand and its nice, especially in water, but the Medisil is still me 'reach for' when masturbating most days.
      • maitrishah3 says
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