10 Must Do Sex Moves

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

Want to tease squeeze and please your guy? Then check out our 10 sizzling must do sex moves. From peep shows to animalistic sex, these moves are guaranteed to spice up your sex life.

She is my drug

A Culinary Delight

Food and sex are a dream combination for most women. So turn your lover into a buffet by drizzling your favourite flavours on him – honey, chocolate sauce and whipped cream are popular choices - and then devour them, licking and kissing his most sensitive erogenous zones as you go.

The Peep Show

Most men are voyeuristic creatures. So give your partner a peep show. Stimulate yourself as he watches and invite him to join in. Don’t be surprised if he chooses to take a back seat... watching a woman pleasure herself is a popular male fantasy.

The Ice Cube Trick

Make your man shiver with excitement as you try the classic ice cube trick. Hold and ice cube in your hand or mouth as you pleasure his body with tantalising temperature changes.

Toy with Him

Excite your boyfriend with sex toys. Furry handcuffs, feather teasers, vibrators and cock rings are all popular choices for couples. If a vibrator is your toy of choice, ask your man to massage your clitoris with it, or combine this with ‘the peep show’ and have him sit back and enjoy the show.

Make it Multiple

Once, twice, three times! Share the joy of multiple orgasms with your partner. After your first orgasm guide him back to your sweet spots and ask for a sequel. You’ll have a ball and he’ll be turned on seeing you hit your high again and again.

Stand Up Sex

Fuel his animalistic side by indulging in stand up sex. Have him hold you against the wall with your legs wrapped around him. He’ll be dominant in this position because he his holding you up and making all the moves, he also gets the visual treat of bouncing breasts.

The Sneaky Move

When your man least expects it, stand behind him, reach around stroke his penis. Imitate the way he grips himself when he masturbates and give him a handjob he’ll never forget. To add even more sexy sensations whisper in his ear and kiss his back and neck as you fondle.

A New Number

Try a number other than the 69. Otherwise known as spoons, the 77 is a side-entry position that feels oh so good. This incredibly intimate position moulds your bodies together and hits the (G) spot every time.

Lazy Boy Sex

Indulge your partner in don’t lift a finger sex. Use you sexual prowess to seduce him, unbutton his pants and then have your way with him. The reverse cowgirl is the perfect positions for this must do sex move.  Simply slide onto his lap and place your hands on his thighsfor balance and support.He won’t believe his luck or his stunning view.

Blind Ambition

Make his satisfaction skyrocket by using a blindfold. His sensations will be sharpened and every move will tease and tantalise. The anticipation of not knowing where your next kiss, lick or stroke will be should send his arousal level soaring!

There you have it, 10 must do sex moves. Enjoy!

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  • milliestar says
    thanks for those "tips"!
  • xAngelEyesx says
    these sound great! cant wait to get hubby home from work tonight!!! haha
  • Cinty says
    Why is it that men are always so keen to try new things with you but then when it comes to handcuffs or a sex toy for him... he runs for the hills?
  • Lauren says
    Something to think about!
  • KH says
    all need to be tried at least once.
  • Anna says
    hehe tried a few... plan to try a few more!!
  • AngelEyes says
    thanks for the tips must try a few
  • New Member says
    Thanks for your nice tips.I want to try it.
  • Dee-Dee says
    TBH I have done all but one, but I did do something even better in its place :-)
  • Wice says
    EUREKA! With the discovery that animals are much more intelligent that we ever thought, the gap between 'us and them' has narrowed. However, they just get on with the job... so maybe we've found it (hehe). Could it be that this obsession with diversity in sexual practices is what differentiates humans from animals? Maybe it is only humans who have a need to try to make sex more and more titillating and memorable. I wonder what's lacking and why this might be... and does it really work for you in the long term? (images of eighty year olds with saggy boobs and droopy bottoms licking chocolate sauce off each other!)
    • Mellow says
      80 year olds doing it.......... go granny go! ......probably got it down to a 'fine art' .......... yeeeeha
      • Wice says
        You go girl!!

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