Which of the Love Relationship Stages are You in Now?

How many of your connections – including your friends and colleagues – go through certain relationship stages? All of them, of course!

Couple in love

As you may have noticed already, the intimacy of love relationships makes these stages more intense than any other relationships.

Naturally, you expect any relationship to be a road - with specific stepping stones - to profound connection and great accomplishment. And this challenging road is taken by many without the proper knowledge, preparation and understanding.

Why is this?

Simply put, those around not knowing any better consider “normal” what happens to them and they pass to us the “recipe” for frustration and unfulfilled experiences in love relationships.

Knowing and being aware of the 4 love relationship stages will make the difference: your relationship journey will be smoother and more enjoyable!


Which Relationship Stages Have You Experienced?

I. Infatuation Stage is what movies, books, and songs present as romantic love.

You feel totally different, insanely enthusiastic, and apparently nothing can stop you.
You fall madly in love and get intimate at all levels: mental, emotional, and physical. In your mind, you are convinced that this stage will never end and that your partner desires you as much as you desire her.
Usually this lasts 6-8 months, until you  are committed to your relationship.

The role of this stage? Showing both of you what this relationship might be. After the joy and bliss of this stage is over, all of a sudden differences become visible and irritating: it's the power struggle stage menacing your relationship.

II. Power Struggle Stage is the most challenging of all relationship stages.  This is when romantic love is replaced by common relationship problems.

Doubts, conflicts, fights, are just a few of the new elements that you and your partner must deal with if you want to get through. In these moments you might ask yourself if this relationship is worth the effort.
If you don't know what it is and how to deal with it, the power struggle stage can last many painful years. Unfortunately, many couples remain stuck at this stage.

The role of this stage? To make you increase your awareness on yourself and on your partner.

III. Transformation Stage is where accelerated personal development occurs if and only if you are ready to do the inner work. Here you learn about who you really are, what you really want, and what your life goals are.

In this stage, your growth will be like a spiral: afer each power struggle with your partner, for quite a few months to a year (or more), you'll see yourself evolving and leaving behind confusion, denial, fear.

The role of this stage? To cherish and love yourself, to find your life purpose. In the process, you improve your empathy, negotiation, and emotional intelligence skills.

IV. Cooperation (Synergy) Stage begins once you are a grown-up individual, with your issues from the past healed and solved. You can finally connect and communicate at a deep level with your partner and with yourself as well.

During the Cooperation Stage you realized that life starts anew at a higher level and you are once again vibrant, happy, and joyful.

The role of this stage? So you and your partner can handle any situation as a perfect team, acting as one: pro-actively and responsibly to a mutual fulfillment.

Article Author: 

Serge Cohn

Serge Cohn coaches evolved men on how to choose a life partner, how to solve relationship problems, and how to keep romance alive. By blending his experience with the wisdom of his mentors, he helps you navigate the world of love, relationships, and self-growth. Download your free e-book from www.mens-relationship-advice.com

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