Top ten tips for getting your baby to sleep

This year, EGG is launching the limited edition Je t’aime mon bébé baby tote and wrap. This stylish and essential accessory is large enough to fit all baby’s essentials. The cute wrap cleverly threads through eyelets on the bag, and can also be used as a baby swaddle, change mat and breastfeeding cover.

$10 from every sale will go to the Mental Health Foundation, which provides a resource and information service in support of women with PND.

“Postnatal depression strikes mothers from all walks of life,” says Charlotte. “High profile women with experience of PND include Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooke Shields and Courtney Cox, and they’ve all spoken out to raise awareness of the issue. I’m glad to be doing my bit to help. It can be such a bleak, lonely time, when you need understanding and support more than ever.”
The tote is a perfect gift for new mums, as well as a practical way to show you care.

It will be available from 15 September at and EGG boutiques, as well as and selected Pumpkin Patch stores. $69.90 each, $10 from each purchase goes to the Mental Health Association.

Chelsey caught up with Charlotte, proud mum of three, and asked her what her top 10tips were for getting babies to sleep!

Bath Time: A warm bath will soothe your precious bundle. My children all love the bath and still do 11 years on! It not only relaxes them, but I find the exercise of kicking in the bath allows them to become tired so they sleep well. We know how much better we sleep after exercise!

Massage: I loved massaging my babies and it creates a wonderful parent-baby bond. Egg Essential Care lavender blend massage oil is perfect pampering your little one.

Swaddling: Not all babies like to be swaddled and this is trial and error but the majority love to feel safe and snug. Wrapping them is an art so check out a step by step guide on this link: baby-the-quick-wrap/ Or ask your mid wife. Over time, gradually wrap more loosely and discard the wrap, as this reflex slowly disappears (by around three months).

Room Temperature: Remember not too hot and not to cold. You can purchase a room temp thermometer if you are not too sure and remember not to go overboard on the blankets! While you want your baby to be snug and warm there is a danger of them overheating.

Music: The calming, repetitive sounds from what you played when you were pregnant has been scientifically proven to show this helps calm down babies. I love the soothing french music of Carla Bruni and I played it a lot when I was pregnant with my youngest baby India. It then worked magic to get her to sleep after she was born.

Feeding: Whatever time your baby was last fed, I used to always to do a top up feed before bed. With a bit of luck, they will sleep longer; this technique also helps their sleep coincide with yours.

Be Calm: I know this is easier said than done when you are tired and emotional but if you can remain as calm as possible your baby will sense your ease and relax.

Routine: I have always been very much about baby fitting in with me to a certain degree, however a routine is so important and the more tired your baby is the harder it is to get them to sleep.

Crying: If your baby is feed, has a dry nappy and is comfortable but still crying, leave them for 10 minutes before going to them. Chances are they will go back to sleep before you need to check them. It is so hard with your first baby and my mid wife Nula Ulmer practically had to hold me down! But doing this three days in a row broke the habit of my baby crying for attention.

Lots of cuddles and hugs: Happy baby, happy sleeper. That goes without saying!

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