Leave Your Fondue Pot At Home: Travel To Switzerland

Switzerland, formally known as The Confederation Helvetica, is a landlocked mountainous haven in the heart of Europe. Partially due to the isolating geography, the Swiss people have maintained a strong commitment to tradition, independence and the preservation of their long-established way of life. Hence, it is very important for the traveler to note that Switzerland is not a member of the European Union and uses the Swiss Franc as their form of currency.

An incredible benefit of Switzerland's independence is a clean, speedy and reliable train system and public transportation network, including the new Rail 2000 program that offers regular half-hourly service between all major cities.

The thought of Switzerland strikes up images of enchanting castles, milk chocolate, fine cheese speckled with holes, sturdy watches and the Matterhorn. Don't be fooled by this simplicity or the precision and just-so design of Swiss towns and get ready to discover a society far more rich, worldly and dynamic than you had ever imagined when you travel Switzerland! As homogenous as the nation might appear, Switzerland is divided into very diverse regions with four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansch (a Latin derivative). English is also spoken widely. The fusion of these cultures adds a zest of flavor that complements the serenely picturesque landscape.

Four Seasons to Travel to Switzerland

Unlike many other European destinations, it is wonderful to travel to Switzerland any time of year! Switzerland is centrally located on the European continent and consequently enjoys moderate and consistent weather for each season. Skiing is by far the best excuse to travel Switzerland in the winter, but make sure not to miss the splendor of cities like Geneva covered in a blanket of snow. Geneva, the second-largest city, is close to the Swiss Alps and the French border and also boasts an international history of its own. The municipality has been central to European affairs for centuries, most notably including the Geneva Convention. Interlaken should be a part of a summer and winter itinerary as well. The pristine setting among some of the tallest and fiercest alpine peaks makes Interlaken a sanctuary for skiers and hikers alike. The town is small and limited on lodging so make reservations early.

In addition to the most popular destinations, such as Zurich and the Alps, the Swiss traveler is encouraged to leave the beaten path behind to discover the true beauty of the country and meet the resilient and warm people who define a nation that is over 700 years old. Remember that traditional does not translate into old-fashioned or archaic in Switzerland. The Swiss society stands out among European nations as an extraordinarily progressive and cutting-edge standard of modernity.

Article Source: Frank Johnson
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  • ClaireElizabeth says
    Switzerland, top of the travel bucket list for me. Have seen the rail trips on t.v. and it looks amazing. As far as the Swiss Franc currency and not the Euro, I found in the U.K. when I was there they weren't that keen on taking the Euro over the pound and if you tried to use the Scottish Bank Pound in England they weren't that happy with you either. France were o.k. with the Euro but it didn't seem to buy you much.
  • Wice says
    I have only been to Switzerland once. I stayed for a week in a tiny village called Murren which rested above what I consider is the most beautiful natural place I could ever imagine on the whole of earth. It's called the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

    This broad valley, in early summer , was knee high in wild flowers. The towering snow covered alps embraced the valley and dozens of waterfalls plunged vertically hundreds of feet off the top of sheer cliffs. Milky jade streams meandered through groves of delicate beech trees. Gentle slopes were draped in lush emerald green velvet grass, Here and there, you would come across a caramel coloured cow, with doleful eyes and a big brass bell donging from its neck. Little chalets with windowboxes full of bright geraniums, dotted the landscape. The air was clean and crisp and the sun like honey. Lauterbrunnen is more beautiful than I could ever imagine or describe.
  • ClaireElizabeth says
    OMG Wice, so beautiful!! Like something straight out of 'Heidi'.
    • Starlite5 says
      You took the words right out of my mouth Claire Elizabeth.
      • Starlite5 says
        Hey Chelsey what happened to my pic?
      • Mellow says
        The Sound of Music, is somewhere in the background..... and the thought o chocolate..
      • CheldeWyatt says
        Travel to Switzerland with a vape pen in your hand, and you'll never need another friend with you. If you think I am joking, you can look at this site, and you'll notice how correct I am here. Switzerland and vape smoking is a perfect combination.

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